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kick things off this morning is LG is us Senior Vice President of Marketing David Vander wall.

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Good morning everyone and welcome to senior you know for LG CES is the global stage where our next generation innovations are unveiled and in fact this year, our key highlights come from both devices and artificial intelligence, you’re going to see the ultimate future TV this morning and you’re also going to be amazed with a new category appliance never before seen for the Home Edition. you’re going to learn how our think you AI strategy improves the consumer experience with its own understanding of users and their usage context, our innovation story will continue this evening with the official CES pre show keynote, you’re going to hear from our own CTO Dr. It Park about LG his vision for AI and how it is going to transform our lives at home, at work, and on the move.

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But this morning.

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Let me start with mobile where LG has tremendous momentum heading into 2019 with our LG be 40 honored with the coveted best of Innovation Award for ces 2019 the V 40 users are award winning old technology for a brighter, more accurate and sharper older picture on a smartphone and by the way we shook things up by incorporating five cameras on this phone three in the back to the front that allows the user to capture more content in various ways in various angles, you know, our leadership and our competitive strength are grounded in innovation and this is our foundation for the pioneering efforts with 5g our innovations have contributed the evolution of smartphones and have played a major role and expanding the mobile experience that we’ve all come to expect and enjoy with 4g and LTE and now our teams have been working diligently to be one of the first brands to launch a five G’s smartphone and a key partner on this journey has been Qualcomm together with LG they are leaning advancements and mobile connectivity and defining how smartphones work and communicate and now with 5g. We are truly on the cost of another revolution in the mobile industry to tell you more about this here is Qualcomm Senior Vice President Jim Tran

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all common LG have been working together for over 20 plus years we’ve collaborated on products that have enriched people’s lives across many, many segments from mobile phones to appliances to Home Entertainment automotive and smart cities.

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Now we’re ready to take consumers to new age of five G and AI Qualcomm and LG last year has worked really hard to accelerate the standardization process for 5g and now we’re ready to take that to the consumers five G will be a reality in 2019, they’re over 20 plus operators committed to working with Qualcomm to deliver this to the consumers across geographies from North America, South Korea Europe, Japan, Australia and China Qualcomm will deliver both 5g solutions in the sub six and the millimeter wave spectrum.

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We’ve been working closely with the operators, the infrastructure providers and OEM such as LG to ensure that the ecosystem is ready for 2019.

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If you’re going to bring a device in 2020, you’re definitely going to be late for 5g and for this new age last month Qualcomm introduce the 855 Snapdragon mobile platform is designed to bring the new decade of 5g ai and extended reality. It’s the world’s first 5g mobile platform bringing multi gigabit wireless across both 5g 4g and the Wi Fi networks.

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It’s our for also contains or fourth generation AI engine which brings three x performance performance of our current generation we expect virtually all first wave of devices or five G to have our platform in the first half of 19 five G will transform the user experience that we know today from a mobile devices, you’ll be able to have 8k video streaming whereas today, you may only get 720 P, you will download 4k movie in seconds and with the ultra low latency feature 5g you will enjoy that multiplayer game on your mobile device, but also bring new use cases such as high performance apps that resides in the cloud allow you to collaborate interact and create more efficiently.

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In addition, it’ll bring mobile extended reality, such as live volumetric video streaming with six dot experiences a five G’s not just designed to connect people it was meant to connect virtually everything else machines and devices from autonomous vehicles to ultra low cost sensors five G will transform many different industries to come, it will bring enhanced mobile broadband services to the automotive industry that will bring critical health care service services to the healthcare industry and lastly we’ll bring massive IoT to industries for manufacturing and smart cities, make no doubt 5g is coming in 2019 and Qualcomm and LG are working hard to bring it to the consumers, there’ll be more announcements to come in the coming months. Make sure you watch LG keynote tonight for more details. Thank you.

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Thank you, Jim, and we look forward to continuing that journey with Qualcomm. Now let’s talk about how LG is applying advanced AI and our products this year to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable, you know, last year we introduced LG. Thank you. Right on this stage or full range of mobile home entertainment and home appliance products.

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Since then, our focus has been on further developing AI innovations that understand users in order to evolve and improve over time why because we believe the ultimate goal of AI isn’t just to create a smart device that responds to the users requests, but to go a step further.

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In fact, to offer proactive recommendations relevant to the users individual circumstances.

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This year I’m pleased to announce that LG think you products will be able to proactively suggest suggestions and solutions completely customized to the user. Unlike conventional AI devices that simply respond to what is specifically asked of them are enhanced LG Thank you products will deliver two major benefits first personalized recommendations based on contextual understanding and to proactive care for maintaining the devices optimal performance.

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Let’s look at a video to see the difference between LG Thank you products versus conventional AI devices.

Unknown 9:52
Hey Google ask LG to turn off the air purifier.

Unknown 9:59
Okay. The air purifier is turned off

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by the way the dust levels outside may increase in three hours.

Unknown 10:07
Would you like to turn it back on, then.

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Yes, please.

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I enjoyed the program. I watched yesterday which channel was it

Unknown 10:36
channel number nine

Unknown 10:43
yesterday at this time

Unknown 10:54
play the first one.

Unknown 11:03
Have you found the channel yet,

Unknown 11:24
LG Thank you devices can proactively provide user centric solutions because they’re able to develop a deeper understanding of user behavior preferences and the overall environment that’s where what we call lifestyle data comes into play.

Unknown 11:40
For example, how much electricity you use every day. What type of TV shows. Do you watch how often do you do laundry and what types of things do you wash and even how often do you clean your house.

Unknown 11:53
It’s this knowledge, combined with household environmental information like temperature, humidity and air quality and external information like weather and traffic that helps LG think you products contextually understand the user and the environment with this information LG Thank you is able to propose better solutions for the users specific circumstance conventionally I devices often carry out designated tasks that are predefined by the user.

Unknown 12:25
One more great benefit of LG. Thank you. They’re not just limited to individual devices delivering a single service they will include collaboration among multiple devices.

Unknown 12:38
Imagine, for example, you want to start cleaning with the cord zero. Stick Vacuum you take the vacuum out of the cradle.

Unknown 12:49
I see you’ve started cleaning. Would you like the robot cleaner to help clean the living room.

Unknown 12:54
Sure. That’d be great. Thank you are nine is starting to clean.

Unknown 13:13
Thank you are nine time savings and convenience and that’s all enabled by LG products communicating with each other and with me.

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Another great benefit offered by improved LG Thank you appliances is advanced customer support in 2019 will launch LG proactive customer care a service that uses artificial intelligence to deliver the most advanced personalized customer service in the industry with it. LG can immediately alert LG appliance owners to potential issues before they even happen.

Unknown 13:48
It can also expedite repairs offer useful maintenance tips saving users time and money and keeping their appliances performing their best.

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For example, if an error is detected, whether it’s refrigerator cooling performance reduced airflow in a dryer vent over said seen in the washer caused by too much detergent LG proactive customer care will send you an alert, it also will provide tips on how the user could solve the issue oftentimes with simple solutions that can avoid the hassle of scheduling a service call and proactive customer care will even help with routine maintenance. For example, it’s time to replace the water filter and the fridge LG will not only alert you but also help you purchase the filter without even having to ask when it’s time to order more dish or laundry detergent LG Thank you dishwashers and washers Connect seamlessly with Amazon dash replenishment to automatically reorder the supplied so you never run out of household essentials.

Unknown 14:53
Oh, just got a message from my LG washer. It looks like my laundry is done

Unknown 15:08
since installation of this washing machine you’ve watched 30 loads. I think now is a good time for you to run a tough cleaning cycle. Would you like to run tough clean sounds interesting. But I don’t know what is tub clean

Unknown 15:26
clean is a maintenance routine that is recommended to keep your washer clean as new. Would you like to run it now. Not right now. I’m a little busy, but please remind me later.

Unknown 15:39
Okay, so LG as you know already, the most awarded appliance brand and customer satisfaction and reliability now brings proactive customer care. This is going to bring our consumers added peace of mind so they can feel confident in the performance of their appliances for years to come. And we’re going to roll this service out this year, not only on laundry appliances, but also on kitchen appliances.

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So in summary on LG Thank you AI.

Unknown 16:09
It’s just like any relationship with friends or family, the better you understand someone, the better you care for them knowing more about our user and their habits, it’s going to lead to enhance performance and ultimately to a better life.

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You know, up to this point we’ve talked a lot about LG think Hugh and AI, but we can’t separate these incredible advancements from LG is continuous innovation in hardware that transforms people’s lives.

Unknown 16:38
So let’s take a look at LG dedication to innovation and how that’s led us to exciting new product introductions and improvements for the home first LG styler. This is a groundbreaking innovation pioneered by LG that’s changing consumer behavior around clothing care LG styler gives you the confidence to look your best every day and the freedom to care for your clothes without ease no hassle of ironing no frequent expensive trips to the dry cleaners when combined with washers and dryers.

Unknown 17:15
The LG styler creates what we call the ultimate laundry room the industry’s first total clothing care system, our first of its kind. Moving hangers reduce Dustin allergens and use the gentle power of steam without any chemicals and along with reducing wrinkles are unique true steam technology is Asthma and Allergy certified by the allergy and asthma Foundation of America, all this in addition to keeping close looking great and smelling great LG styler the birth of a new product cutter category smart clothing care now meet LG homebrew

Unknown 18:04
our first ever beer maker. Now you can make an Enjoy your own cold tasty beer in the comfort of your own home with little more than a simple touch of a button.

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Unknown 18:24
cheers to all you

Unknown 18:28
you just insert these capsules which contain mall yeast top oil and flavoring and you simply press a button.

Unknown 18:37
It’s that simple.

Unknown 18:40
And from the button, you can select what type of beer, you actually want to make homebrew automatically takes care of the whole brewing process from fermentation to carbonation and aging right through to serving and drinking the beer it even self cleans all this in as little as two weeks we spent more than three years perfecting this brewing process that demanded the right combination of ingredients and sophisticated temperature and pressure control our starter capsules come from moon, moon, 10s is a British small producer and Home Brewing Company with 97 years of beer making history with LG homebrew you’re going to have the choice of five distinctive ritually flavored beers hoppy American IPA golden American Pale Ale a full bodied English stout zesty Belgian style with beer and a dry Czech Pilsner the homebrew will produce up to 1.3 gallons and to keep you involved every step of the way our mobile app lets you monitor home brews beer making progress from anywhere.

Unknown 19:54
This innovative device couldn’t have been achieved without building on our core home appliance technologies are inverter technology for example enables homebrew to operate with constant temperature and pressure control for optimal taste it also makes the self cleaning feature possible using nothing more than hot water ensuring everything is high genetically clean for your next batch and our advanced algorithm intelligently controls fermentation for guaranteed growing success LG homebrew it’s going to appeal the beer fans all over the world, producing the drink. They love with a single touch of a button and none of the hassle.

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Thank you

Unknown 20:44
started was we were happy hour later for all of us.

Unknown 20:48
So now let’s move on to see some of our groundbreaking innovations in the TV category. Please welcome to the stage. lts us Senior Director of Product Marketing Tim Alessi

Unknown 21:17
Good morning everyone and Happy New Year. It’s great to see you all today you know TV is all about picture quality and LG OLED TVs have continually earned global acclaim by leading experts for their unrivaled picture performance, the numerous awards. We’ve received during the past year alone are testament to this since introducing all led to the world back in 2013 LG has continuously improve the technology develop new functionality new form factors and expanded old screen sizes to offer consumers, the greatest range of premium televisions. This year we’re ready to launch the largest old TV featuring 88 inches of gorgeous screen real estate.

Unknown 22:01
I’m happy to introduce to you today. LG is first eight k old TV

Unknown 22:27
integrating the best of the company’s expertise in all its pixel dimming control technology LG is AK old TV features over 33 million self emitting pixels with pixel sizes being smaller as a result of this increased resolution. It’s absolutely crucial that each pixel individually deliver complete information to create an accurate picture.

Unknown 22:52
This is why old self admitting technology is even more important and superior with AK resolution.

Unknown 23:00
The benefits of old are maintained an AK the unmatched pure black without any light leakage realistic color that any viewing angle and the impressive contrast ratio that defines old TVs iconic picture quality this astounding 8k resolution combines with the company’s most powerful processor yet the alpha nine Gen to intelligent processor to deliver a dramatic impact to the key TV elements picture and sound it produces all inspiring scenes, you can enjoy at a new level of immersion.

Unknown 23:36
Now this is possible thanks to two main AI capabilities content enhancement using deep learning technology and content optimization made possible by ambient recognition thanks to deep learning which was crafted from over 1 million visual data that have been analyzed content can be enhanced by recognizing the quality of its source.

Unknown 24:01
Now, based on this information, the TV can determine how much optimisation each piece of content needs.

Unknown 24:08
This means that a variety of content from standard definition, all the way up to eight k can be processed to deliver the most realistic viewing experience with improved noise reduction sharp images minimal blur and without missing any details deep learning also significantly improves the sound by analyzing the source content.

Unknown 24:31
This produces enhance sound effects in movies deeper base in music and makes voices clear at sporting events, allowing viewers, for example, to hear the coach over the noise of the crowd.

Unknown 24:43
The TV can also up mix to channel audio to deliver an impactful virtual 5.1 channel surround sound listening experience.

Unknown 24:53
Now as I mentioned earlier, ambient recognition capabilities allow for content enhancement in accordance with different ambient lighting conditions.

Unknown 25:01
This means the TV will react to the environment by automatically adjusting the screens right this levels and the alpha nine Gen two processor uses the TV’s ambient light sensor to measure levels, not only to change the brightness, but also adjust the tone mapping curve.

Unknown 25:18
So the capability of the process or further revise refines HDR content including Dolby Vision and this lets viewers. Enjoy the content in even the darkest scenes with incredible contrast and detail, even if you’re watching in a brighter room.

Unknown 25:35
Users can also adjust sound settings to suit room conditions or let their LG TV intelligently set the perfect levels based on its positioning with just one touch of the magic remote LG TVs can automatically offer optimize sound equalization by recognizing the TV’s placement in the room.

Unknown 25:57
Now, last year we introduced our AI voice recognition capabilities into the TV category building on our web OS based open platform we built the Google Assistant into our TVs bringing a totally new user experience the google assistant is also incorporated into this year’s lineup delivering a simplified convenient user experience that makes it easy to manage daily tasks find answers and control compatible smart home devices, the google assistant is now compatible with an increasing number of products more than 1600 brands across 10,000 devices.

Unknown 26:36
What’s more, LG TVs with the google assistant will be available in more countries and more languages but this year we’re excited to announce we further expanded our AI partnership to include Amazon Alexa into our TVs with AI technology, but let’s take a look at what this really means to users

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sure all your curiosities what’s the theory beyond the black hole recommend me an adventure play the third one.

Unknown 27:17
What are the baskets for men to discover their encounters surprising discoveries

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is the director of

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sparkling wine for our anniversary

Unknown 27:35
simple ideas become real.

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find me recipe videos for Spanish

Unknown 27:55
how’s the weather this weekend

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and Sydney

Unknown 28:04
hidden passions come to life.

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Make a donation

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cherish every moment

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turn off the robot

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live in wonder with new intelligence.

Unknown 29:02
Pretty cool stuff right as you saw in the video with a newly added Amazon Alexa on our TVs, users can set up their ideal Alexa routine and join Alexa experience when they play music, check the weather or a much easier shopping experience. They can also manage smart home devices or access thousands of skills such as the Food Network to find a great recipe or kayak to book a hotel or flight Amazon Alexa is compatible with more than 3500 brands across 20,000 devices and the google assistant and Alexa combined to cover 84% of the smart assistant market.

Unknown 29:45
So this means that LG TV users will enjoy an impressively expansive experience without the need to either change the smart device that they’re already using or the need to use several different devices.

Unknown 29:58
Besides these popular services 2019 TVs include LG is proprietary AI technology which provides contextual voice understanding, making it easier than ever to find content to watch or to control the TV.

Unknown 30:14
So now you don’t have to keep making repetitive commands to get the exact information you need the TV can understand the context, allowing for more complex requests and this service will be available in over 140 countries.

Unknown 30:30
But wait, there’s more many of our customers may also happen to have Apple devices LG has been working with Apple as well to create a streamlined user experience. So I’m very pleased to announce today that we’re adding Apple airplay to our TVs.

Unknown 30:51
Thank you.

Unknown 30:54
yeah we’re really excited to be one of Apple’s first TV partners for airplay video.

Unknown 30:58
This will help. This will help users easily share what they’re watching on their favorite streaming apps right on our beautiful TVs and it’s easy to share even more because we’re adopting airplay audio and home kit support as well.

Unknown 31:13
This will simplify how Apple devices work with LG TVs, we believe LG TVs and airplay are a great combination one that delivers the best picture and sound quality since both support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos so now consumers will have easier access to the largest selection of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos titles.

Unknown 31:36
Another new feature this year is the intuitive home dashboard, making it very simple to control a wide variety of smart home devices directly from the TV.

Unknown 31:46
It also happens to be helpful if you misplace an individual remote just use the TV LG is entire 2019 lineup of old TVs will include the prior proprietary AI technology plus all of these other capabilities.

Unknown 32:02
Now, so far I’ve talked about our best old TV.

Unknown 32:06
However, in order to meet consumer needs for even a larger screen sizes. We’re continuing our dual premium approach and are also rolling out our best LCD lineup ever which will have a new name nano cell TV this new name highlights the picture enhancement provided by extensive rich colors through nano cell technologies nano accuracy maintains rich and vibrant colors in any viewing angle and also helps viewers concentrate on the content shown on the screen because of the ultra thin narrow bezel on all four sides, creating a beautiful sleek design the lineup includes the eight k sm 99 series also powered by the alpha nine Jen to processor and LG nano sell TVs all offer AI enhanced picture and sound powered by deep learning algorithm LG AI technology to built in Google Assistant access to Amazon Alexa, and the new app compatibility

Unknown 33:12
through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports all 2019 OLED TVs and selected nano sell TVs or support features like high frame rate content.

Unknown 33:23
The result here is smoother and clear emotion at 120 frames per second for better rendering a fast fast fast action content such as sports action movies and video games support for enhanced audio return channel enables home theater enthusiasts to simulate seamlessly you to utilize HDMI connectivity and enjoy the highest quality audio formats available with suburb detail and depth these TVs are also an excellent option for gamers because they’re compatible with variable refresh rate as well as automatic low latency mode which helps deliver clean, clear images without tearing a great gaming experience now LG always strives to bring new value through continuous innovation after introducing picture on glass. We took things further still creating the stunning wallpaper.

Unknown 34:16
This year I can confidently say I think we’ve outdone ourselves yet again, just take a look.

Unknown 36:25
Taking over to yet another level combining the World’s Best TV engineering and design into a home entertainment Marvel what science fiction directors. Imagine decades ago is now reality.

Unknown 36:43
Introducing the LG signature Ola TV are rollable old TV

Unknown 36:57
rollable old TV goes beyond what a TV could traditionally offer it brings the freedom of design to the space without the limitations of a wall. This offers a never before achieved level of immersion.

Unknown 37:15
That’s exactly right. Dave we’ve now gone further to offer a TV with a display that magically rolls up by rising out of its base a revolutionary innovation that helps address the very human need for an aesthetically pleasing environment based on LG is unique. Our concept LG is rollable TV is redefining space.

Unknown 37:38
The signature old TV are can transform itself to offer several different viewing options in full view you can enjoy the renowned old picture quality on a premium large screen display without compromise.

Unknown 37:52
This reveals the full extent of the contrast depth and realism synonymous with LG is advanced picture technology

Unknown 38:03
and look the astounding AI picture and sound quality put the beautiful futuristic TV into a class of its own will check this out. Dave line view which is specific to the rollable old TV takes up a minimal amount of real estate letting viewers enjoy more space while still supplying several compelling content options one view presents five useful modes music clock frame mood and home dashboard when set to music, obviously you can enjoy your favorite tunes clock mode makes it easy to check the time, date and weather conditions frame mode lets you display photos sent from your smartphone and mood mode helps create a relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Unknown 38:55
But there’s more to check this out in zero view the TV screen disappears completely hiding within the body.

Unknown 39:06
This provides a new level of space integration, allowing users to relax in an open environment when they’re not watching TV, when the screen is retracted users can enjoy a premium audio experience for listening to music or other audio content because the body cleverly integrates a 4.2 channel 100 watt front firing Dolby Atmos sound bar LG is luxurious design is completed with a real aluminum body and an aesthetic would blend cover that in parts of sense of craftsmanship and durability.

Unknown 39:40
This is produced by covered drat the forward thinking Danish textile company, we’re confident that LG signature old TV will be able to roll out the future of many consumers by delivering a new way to enjoy TV.

Unknown 41:31
So in summary, what did we show you this morning we showed you that LG is committed to delivering a holistic and integrated AI experience across our mobile our home appliance in our home entertainment products we showed you how focus. We are on groundbreaking innovation and both new and current products all designed to exceed expectations.

Unknown 41:59
while that wraps up this morning’s press conference. We’re far from finished here at CES. We have so much more to share with you about our commitment to AI and we hope all of you will join us this evening that LG is first ever keynote hosted again by LG CTO dr IP Park Hill also have some guests with him, where you can learn even more about LG vision for the future.

Unknown 42:27
And last but not least, LG booth will be welcoming all of you all of CES visitors for close up experiences with all of our 2019 products.

Unknown 42:38
And as an added bonus if you liked our own lead Canyon last year. Wait until you see what we have in store for you this year on behalf of all of us here at LG enjoy the show and remember with LG life’s good

Unknown 43:03
welcome to come up to the stage

Unknown 43:08
that’s around life’s good glitch on the video.

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Sony CES 2019 Press Conference Text by Otter

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Unknown 0:14
Good evening and Happy New Year.

Unknown 0:19
Thank you for joining us in booth here at CES 2019 and welcome also to those of you who are watching this live, of course, the growth.

Unknown 0:32
It’s a great honor for me to be here and talk to you this evening

Unknown 0:39
at CES technologies such as AI autonomous driving and 5g usually takes center stage people together here to talk about how those technologies can be used to improve our lives or make our lives easier.

Unknown 0:57
We have Sony working on. So the important technologies to but today I drive to shift gears a little and talk about technologies

Unknown 1:13
that empower people’s creativity.

Unknown 1:17
Creativity when combined with technology brings about amazing content and entertainment that touch people’s hearts and enrich people’s rights

Unknown 1:32
Sony is a creative entertainment company.

Unknown 1:38
We have Sony partner with content creators to make the music

Unknown 1:46
and the games that engage billions of eyes and ears and minds around the wall

Unknown 1:57
and it was funny branded hardware help create and distribute that entertainment.

Unknown 2:03

Unknown 2:06
and where and how they want the CSC yes we drive to showcase for the professional grade products support creators across entertainment industries to produce compelling content and we’re also see how our consumer products Connect creators and

Unknown 2:36
content at the highest possible code

Unknown 2:43
when creators and users connected at the deep emotional level

Unknown 2:51
committee of interest comes to write one of the biggest communities of interest associated with Sony is of course PlayStation today.

Unknown 3:04
I’m proud to share with you said PlayStation four has sold more than five media use this holiday season.

Unknown 3:20
The Cube at cc thrones has reached over 91 million worldwide

Unknown 3:32
directory entertainment is connecting game creators with one of the largest and most passionate gamers communities is

Unknown 3:45
we are very fortunate to continue our partnerships with a number of outstanding third party game creators ranging from triple A titles to indie games.

Unknown 4:00
Additionally, we are delivering the best in class award winning titles such as Marvel’s spider man go to war and Gran Turismo

Unknown 4:14
to customer service PlayStation Network has a highly engaged community of over 90 million monthly active users.

Unknown 4:25
Now let me play a video that shows you why precision is the best place to pray,

Unknown 4:58
can you kill something that big.

Unknown 6:44

Unknown 6:52
I hope you have the excitement that members of the precision committee share

Unknown 7:03
also be formed around our hardware product.

Unknown 7:06
For instance, there is an enthusiastic community of professional and aspiring photographers around our, our cameras in this community, the users are creators.

Unknown 7:24
We also have a community around eyeball and there will be celebrating eyeballs false busted in just a

Unknown 7:37
my colleagues from Sony Pictures and Sony Music they share how our technology and products have to turn creative vision into reality.

Unknown 7:50
First is Tom Rossman from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tom. Please join me on stage.

Unknown 8:09
Thank you. Thank you. Hello, everybody.

Unknown 8:12
I’m delighted to be here to represent Sony Pictures.

Unknown 8:16
As some of you may know, Sony Pictures Entertainment the corporate company in

Unknown 8:25

Unknown 8:26
I run the film side my counterpart Mike Hopkins is here somewhere on the TV side and as you she does sound pointed out Sony’s vision is to be a creative entertainment company creating and maximizing communities of interest to do that you need to have not only outstanding technology but strong entertainment content. And last thing intellectual property which we call IP for short that goes with it for the last few years, one of our top priorities at Sony was built

Unknown 9:05
and creating new franchises for those communities of interest and I’m proud to say that we have made

Unknown 9:15
up with recently released or plan coming into these for some of our most successful franchises films like Jumanji equalizer to a new men and black coming this summer goosebumps Charlie’s Angels and, in particular, I want to talk today quite a bit about animation animation has been hugely successful for us in leveraging our IP we’ve had three Hotel Transylvania films which are now more than a billion dollar franchise worldwide.

Unknown 9:48
We have a sequel to our very successful hybrid film Peter Rabbit that actually start shooting in Australia next week.

Unknown 9:57
And of course, a movie in current release, which I hope if you’ve been paying attention you seen or heard about and that is spider man into the spider verse Now spider verse represents not only a quite innovative and spectacular work of animation in its own right, but it’s a perfect example of how strong IP can be leveraged and expanded into new content new formats and exploited on multiple platforms and I’m proud to say that as of last night.

Unknown 10:36
Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the product of Dartmouth College and the producers of slider verse are now golden

Unknown 10:52
and luckily, a little later on.

Unknown 10:57
Bill about how they created this first of its kind, entirely new and original work but with respect to the underlying IP it’s worth knowing that today only the Disney Company and Sony, there’s the only

Unknown 11:19
to make film or television content based on the enormously popular Marvel characters last year’s terrific success of spider man homecoming homecoming with Tom Holland, open the door to myriad opportunities for us, then I’m which had record breaking success. This fall, the animated spider verse which we’re going to talk a lot about today. And then this coming July we have

Unknown 11:47
other films. Now in pre production featuring other characters

Unknown 11:54
characters and there is of course the phenomenally successful PlayStation Spider Man game that launched to record breaking numbers this fall when my boss tone even square took over Sony as chairman and CEO, about a year and a half ago. He said that one of the things that drew in

Unknown 12:17
action to the broader Sony businesses, specifically the distinct creative advantages and opportunities that come from being so closely aligned to a company renowned for its visionary and innovative technology and I can tell you that I see that marriage between technological innovation and creativity playing out every day in two profound ways all across the studio first in the tech that’s using the creative

Unknown 12:56
and second in the delivery of that content to our audiences in terms of production.

Unknown 13:02
There’s a lot of Sony technology across the breadth of the studio at every stage I I enjoyed I was watching out of the corner.

Unknown 13:10
When you all coming in. I hope you saw the clip with Jim Cameron talking about the Venice camera you know some of you may know this but Jim and I actually worked together on two of the biggest movies of all time Titanic and Avatar.

Unknown 13:26
So I know Jim quite well and I am not overstating when I say the gym is wrong. The greatest and most innovative filmmakers of our time, but he is also among the most meticulous he is devoted to excellence in all that he does and Jim’s use of the Venice camera speaks volumes to the quality of that product if it were not the best Jim Cameron would not use it and we fortunately are using it as well. At this time we have eight productions on the TV side using the Venice camera each are visually dynamic in their own way and that dynamism is increased by the use of the vendors camera on the film side, we’ve used various Sony tech including Sony’s professional Cinema Camera the F 55 the alpha nine, which is a compact, lightweight full frame mirrors camera and the alpha seven x smart to.

Unknown 14:29
We also use the ultra compact robust r zero

Unknown 14:37
Ang Lee’s revolutionary hyper realistic visuals and Billy Lynn’s halftime walk. We’re only made possible by use of the Sony f 65 last fall, we released the first studio movie to shoot primarily on the output seven s mark to with Hawk and a morphic lenses so we use an exploit the latest and second Sony technology throughout the creation of our content, but that technology is also playing a significant role in our post production activities, the quality of that tech is central to what we’re here to talk about today, creating and delivering high quality content for audiences to enjoy as the creators of that content intended to be seen as to the delivery of the content well as those of you, even if your most specialty is consumer electronics. I’m sure know the motion picture business has been going through a substantial transition.

Unknown 15:44
The way people consume our content has changed, but we at Sony remain firm believers in the theatrical experience. The in theater experience and we will always be. So having said that, however, a critical part of the lifespan of movie content is the home entertainment window. Following its theatrical run and audiences watching great film and television content at home want the best possible home theater experience especially when that content is extra as is as extraordinary visually stunning and technically advanced as Spider Man

Unknown 16:32
returning to that film to give you a little more insight into much of the groundbreaking activity that made it possible. It’s a real pleasure for me to introduce to the stage, the president of Sony Pictures Animation This woman has overseen the pioneering work done there and has been instrumental in bringing this fabulous film to audiences. Ladies, Gentlemen, please welcome my colleague Christine Belson

Unknown 17:13
everybody. Thank you, Tom. So right now, industry wide animation is experiencing a true golden age because ever since the computer animation revolution began nearly 25 years ago animated storytelling keeps rapidly evolving and all these recent technological advancements have allowed filmmakers to express their vision in new and previously impossible ways. And when you look at a film like spider verse, you can’t help but to be blown away by its innovative style. It’s so bold its vibrant beauty and of course the In Home experience is as critical as theatrical especially with our animated movies, which generally enjoy a long life in the home entertainment window so it’s truly so important to filmmakers and audiences that a display device can faithfully reproduce images with every detail intact, the full range of colors that full range of brightness and darkness, so that it really, really resonates we all want these devices that support the storytelling and deliver on the visual and the emotional experience that creators like Chris infill intended

Unknown 18:23
AK an old BRAVIA master series can really really enhance that experience, all of which in turn expands the possibilities of the range of our creations Sony Pictures has been collaborating since 2000 with Sony’s TV engineers on the TV Picture Mode developed for a deeply satisfying home theater experience and the team also worked closely together to promote 4k HDR filmmaking, which is another tool that can dramatically expand the range of potential creative expression BRAVIA master series televisions deliver nearly the same level of quality as the professional grade monitors, we use in production providing super accurate reproduction of picture with every detail as intended. And again, for us, the goal is use technology, not only to support creators in their storytelling, but to help them expand the possibilities of their storytelling and to have viewers immerse themselves even more deeply into these wonderful stories at Sony Pictures Animation we intentionally do not have a specific how style like some animation studios do with each movie our filmmakers create a unique distinctive film that reflects their personal vision and on spider verse, our creative guiding lights were Phil Lord and Chris Miller fill in Chris along with our directors Bob persnickety Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rosman and our animators and engineers at image works dreamed up incredibly ambitious ideas for what this movie could be.

Unknown 19:55
We all saw this chance to bring spider man to the screen in a way that harken back to his comic book roots yet was astonishingly fresh and cinematic now to talk about their truly extraordinary film and the creative process that led to such a powerful connection with audiences around the world. Please welcome Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Unknown 20:25
Thank you. Christine Hi everybody.

Unknown 20:29
We are thrilled to get to talk to you guys about spider man into the spider verse the reactions. The response to this film have been incredible. We’re super proud of what does entire team was able to accomplish creatively with this project look that this was always about telling Miles Morales his story and giving audiences, a film that they can connect with that reflected the world that we all live in that felt true to life with a superhero that everybody can see themselves in you know we’re living in peak superhero world. We all know it.

Unknown 20:57
So when we started out, we thought if we’re going to do another Spider Man film. we had to figure out a way to make it feel fresh new and exciting. So, along with the movies directors, you know, we tried to figure out a way to do a never before seen visual style to tell this multi layered narrative and as Christine mentioned by diverse looks very different from any other CG animated or even to the movies, you’ve seen in the past decade, as you can tell right behind this. That’s because of the unique animation style. The new techniques that we use and made just for this movie there. We believe really strongly. The animation is a medium. It’s not a genre and it means we can tell all kinds of stories and all kinds of ways. That’s why we really wanted to experiment with the look of the movie and what we came up with was something that combined various techniques like taking CG and finishing those frames with hand drawn animation was really complicated and it took a lot of time. Normally, an animator can do about four seconds of animation in a week this movie and then we could do one second animation in a week. That’s insane. Yeah.

Unknown 21:56
Look, we had to teach a computer to do new things. We had to write all kinds of new software not personally. We’re not good at that.

Unknown 22:03
But in order to make this movie look like this. All of these smart people had to write all kinds of new shaders all kinds of new software recreate the pipeline and you can really feel a hand of the artists evoking emotion through every frame is like a painting or a piece of art and the human hand and can convey emotions in a way that a computer can’t right we wanted the audience to feel the tooth of the paper that the artists were drawing. We wanted this film to communicate directly with them the way an artist does when you look at a payment from binding the styles various different animation styles each character come from their own dimension has our own art style I was authentic to them is sort of a tribute to the artists and animators that created them and allowed individuality of each each character in each world so you know the film’s theme is anyone can wear the mask and that held true to the whole crew. We wanted people to try new things take risks no penalty for failing and, you know, because we needed to learn from one another we needed to, you know, we needed to try new things and and that was the only way we were going to create anything new. and it was a huge risk to take one of those two years. Most Valuable live action franchises and make an animated movie because some people still feel like animated movies or just for kids, but we really wanted to prove that animation is a hugely exciting area filmmaking for all audiences and we wanted to push the boundaries of what consumers. think about when they think about what animation is so we want to give a huge thanks to Tom Christine and Sony for taking a ridiculous risk on these two turkeys and we really appreciate their support for making the movie and allowing our team. The freedom and the tools that they needed to do this in such an innovative way and we’re gonna hand it back to Tom now.

Unknown 23:47
Thank you guys,

Unknown 23:57
Don’t be fooled by their unprepossessing nature there. Those are two genius and we feel incredibly lucky to be working with them at Sony and we’ve worked with them across a number of projects but this has was recognized by the Golden Gloves last night. This is really really special.

Unknown 24:19
So I thank you, Phil and Chris your success shows us exactly what pushing the boundaries can look like and and why we do it.

Unknown 24:32
So as we look to the future we will continue to explore new and innovative ways to create engaging and entertaining content and new ways to share it with their audiences on the lot in LA. We recently launched. Interestingly, a state of the art facility called innovation studios to do just that.

Unknown 24:56
Earlier this year, the team, they’re created a virtual set and I’ve been in the movie business for 30 years I’ve never seen this, they used it for shark tank which our TV group produces and looking at it the physical and the digital sets are nearly impossible to tell apart. It’s quite revolutionary and can have real profound effects for the future scan set store them digitally reuse them for future shoots all without the usual space and location limitations and we recently applied this same scanning technologies and sets in our current big budget men and black film which we shot in London for released this summer. So that’s just some of the future technology that awaits us all.

Unknown 25:45
But you can see how integrated it is into the content creation, we do every day and I want to thank you all for having me here today.

Unknown 25:55
It’s been a great fun. And now I get handed over to the really cool dudes at Sony, you know, the music guys are where it’s happening and it’s my pleasure to introduce you first a little video and then my esteemed colleague from Sony Pictures music from Sony Music Entertainment Mr. Rob string

Unknown 27:09
the following Spider Man.

Unknown 27:11
So, having been at the company since Sony embark together with us on their quest for unique joint vision with technology and content in 1989 long time ago I’ve seen countless examples of where our global roster of over 2000 artists and so Tony technology combined to create a really powerful partnership that can definitely excite the consumer. In recent years, we’ve joined presented the last music campaign where we’ve introduced the world of the Sony brand with some of our hottest brand new artists. For example, in 2017, the chain smokers have so far stream 25 billion tracks helped us introduce PlayStation VR headsets, so I thought I’d show you today a brief video montage of last music and other collaborative campaigns with some of our most hot new artists promote their music through the power of stony technology.

Unknown 29:11
for Sony right now

Unknown 29:16
if you can name all those artists. I will give you a pair of headphones. But one of the artists on that clip is a young man called colleague who has gone from being an unknown high school student in Texas to being in the top 10 streaming artists in the world in 2018 all promoting their music and the Sony brand.

Unknown 29:39
We’re also working together very recently now on 360 reality audio, which is the booth is right there, which I was in earlier today.

Unknown 29:48
This was announced today and we’re very excited to be partnering with 360 reality audio to elevate the listening experience for the consumer, the results audio wise and sonically are truly spectacular and we are now rolling out titles across our vast catalog.

Unknown 30:05
So, whether it be brand new audio innovation headphones cameras or gaming the technological associated with our music is organic synergistic and I consume as a clearly the same audience.

Unknown 30:18
The Sony Music Entertainment we fully believe in you see the sounds vision or connecting users and creators.

Unknown 30:25
So a few weeks ago we brought one of our most prestigious creators to Tokyo to see that vision that close hand in the home of the company.

Unknown 30:33
The purpose of his visit was to explore avenues a partnership between the Sony brand and the creator and former community of interest as you see the sound stated earlier, the results were pretty remarkable is that shared interest became clearly apparent, whether it be through Sony’s brand new innovative technology that has not even been introduced the world yet to audio visual processes that clearly enable the artists to communicate more effectively with their audience and even to the level of being on the more human humanistic and educational side of the Sony global vision which will automatically be of interest to the artists who want to make the world a better place.

Unknown 31:14
The Creator who visited Tokyo with me was for Al Williams and here’s a brief video presentation of our visit.

Unknown 31:48
So it’s super impressive I’m been talking about this for like five years trying to get people to understand like the value of this and it’s just I mean it would just be a crime. If you guys don’t end up knowing this has to happen.

Unknown 32:11
You’re right there. You’re in the studio.

Unknown 32:31
So rather than me talking from the record company for the view I thought it’d be good for our gave his own perspective on our groundbreaking visit. So please, would you welcome producer innovator educator entrepreneur sending us recording artists and true global cultural ambassador Mr. Fred Williams

Unknown 33:30
was on holiday in Anguilla and he’s coming in today and everything and I was a little bit worried at all. Just tell them where I am right good he was still not angry that but he’s here. So thank you for being here. That was a seminal trip so I thought it’d be good if you could share some of the wisdom from from our trip and how it’s related your overall vision. Well, first of all, thank you for your belief in supporting me and thank you everybody for having me here.

Unknown 33:58
But as an artist. Sorry.

Unknown 34:02
Rewind rewind rewind rewind rewind rewind. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Unknown 34:06
There we go. As an artist who creates music with the Sony Music family and also my delivery team, the very reason I was in Japan. I was very excited to be in Tokyo, because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world and mainly because I’ve been going there for like 20 years. And oftentimes, we’d always see pause it for a second, please, we would we would often see the Sony building we see the Sony name and and I always wanted to have more of a connection with the brand. So I just want to say that.

Unknown 34:47
And so finally when being able to go into the building, not just as an artist, but as a creator and as a guest. I didn’t expect to see the

Unknown 34:59
the incredible technology that we saw and have such a regulatory experience from beginning to end the connection between me as a creator and the technological innovations that Sony’s working on was super clear to me straight away, whether it be in the infinite field of audio visual experience or in the realms of social and educational policy that attracted my attention, not only as an artist and an innovator, but also as a global citizen. I did not know that the company that you know where we do music and of course we know the iconic Walkman who knew that they were thinking about things and people in Africa, you know, and issues and I don’t want to get in trouble by regulating much but it was just so mind blowing. I felt like I left every meeting going okay but you guys are putting this out right yeah like you’re not gonna make us wait like they’re making us wait for the IBO. I mean, can we make some more of those, please. Yes, we will. So I experimented with and discuss so many different concepts with the various Sony divisions and shared my own ideas for future share creations and what I will say is, when I was in there. What I could not believe is everything there is created based on them asking future questions. You know what is it going to be like anticipating what the next questions are going to be there four or five and six steps ahead. So I just couldn’t believe that I was literally walking around and all of these departments, looking at future solutions and answers.

Unknown 36:36
So it was a very special few days for us and I’m super excited to explore the endless past the endless possibilities that technology in this Sony technology can inspire and lead and create a connection between the user and the Creator. I’m so sorry I notice a mouthful but so much to say super impressive company to be with and you guys are going to see and I had the eyeball already yeah if you couldn’t get an Uber Christmas we managed to give up for all one which would have been a bit weird if we hadn’t actually but but he has his own IBO who I understand is in Anguilla you let an angry like stayed on the beach.

Unknown 37:13
Thank you very much for all for all you’re going to stick up in your second sir. We do believe that we we have we as the music company have to get closer to the artist, we have to be close to the creators and in turn, if we’re close to creators then Sony as a whole brand can be close to creators and we believe that the Sony brand with Sony Music can excite artists and consumers alike. And that’s our vision for our company. And as we move along in technology and all the various platforms. We want to get closer to the Sony brand that’s our vision. So I’d like to invite you. She sent back to the stage.

Unknown 38:44
we at Sony extremely Allah to work closely with visually creators like for our fail and Chris to help rear as their creativity and connect with audiences

Unknown 39:02
Sony security is used from content creation is the delivery of the craft in the highest possible quality to people across the globe.

Unknown 39:14
We partner with creators because we believe in their dreams to move people emotionally

Unknown 39:23
and without technology Sony’s also there to deliver the very best entertainment experience to fans and fill the world with emotions

Unknown 39:36
we are and we will continue to be a creative entertainment company built on the solid foundation of technology.

Unknown 39:51
I hope you enjoyed our presentation today.

Unknown 39:54
Once again, thank you for joining us this evening.

Unknown 39:58
Have a great CES, and the wonderful 2019.

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CES 2019 Intel Keynote Text by Otter

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Unknown 0:08
will join us here the end of the event to share some exciting news, so please pay close attention today will be launching the newest edition of our nights on core family will be disclosing industry partnerships and upcoming products for accelerating innovation in 5g ai and autonomous driving and will be underscoring How are 10 nanometre development is on track with several new product updates and I want to emphasize this news is set against the backdrop that until strategy is working for making excellent progress in pursuing an expanded $300 billion addressable market opportunity that includes a range of data driven segments spanning the most important workloads today and for the next era of computing and on a scale that’s unmatched by others.

Unknown 1:03
But before we get started a few housekeeping items. First, please silence your phones second right after this event will be posting details of our news on the Intel newsroom, and we’ll be continuing to update the newsroom tonight and through the week with additional news photos and videos so please keep checking back to the site.

Unknown 1:24
And finally, we invite you to join us at our booth all this week at the convention center to get a close up look at our products and innovations and with that will now start the program. Thank you.

Unknown 1:40
Imagine a resource so plentiful that it can never be depleted resource that’s invisible to the naked eye is everywhere around us in every place in every in every person on earth.

Unknown 1:59
It’s the resource we call human potential and today the expansion and evolution of human potential is tied to the expansion and evolution of Technology’s potential as never before.

Unknown 2:13
It’s an expansion. We work to accelerate every single day with engineering and manufacturing innovations that continually test and push the very limits of science and the physical universe, enabling an ever expanding portfolio of data centric solutions built to power the future of technology from end to end from the client to the cloud to the network to the edge to billions of smart things devices, and most importantly, the people who depend on them because the way we look at it, building the future isn’t really about expanding the potential of technology.

Unknown 2:55
It’s about expanding the potential of the people who use it.

Unknown 3:04
Please welcome senior vice president and general manager client computing group Gregory Brian

Unknown 3:16
Hey everyone and welcome to see us. Thank you so much for joining us here today. It’s really excited. I’m really excited to be here today. And as you all know, we’re in the early stages of a new era in computing and that’s an era. That’s really being defined by the innovative use of data on every technology platform from the client to the cloud, the network to the edge and increasingly everywhere in between and it means that bringing the benefits of this data centric era of computing to the world is more important than ever that we design technologies that work together seamlessly and it’s really this purpose. And the challenge that drives all of us here inside Intel and that’s why we’ve been evolving our company from one that historically has almost exclusively been a PC centric company to a data centric company a data center company that’s delivering platforms and solutions across the breath of the market and the opportunity in front of us as Laura said a 300 billion opportunity, a $300 billion Tam, the largest we’ve ever pursued as a company and yes that’s still includes the client and PCs, but now also includes ai 5g the data center autonomous driving and even more than we’re going to touch on today.

Unknown 4:30
Now, I like to believe that PC is the human touch point and a critical touch point in this new data centric era of computing, which means I have one of the most fun jobs on the planet. And with that, let’s just jump right in and get going.

Unknown 4:42
So, you all know we’re living in a world with a plethora of connected client devices, whether that’s the phone the watch appliances and you know even more. Right. But what makes the PC special what makes the PC client unique is really that it’s the place that people go to focus. I’m in fact we’ve done a lot of research and we found that 80% of people choose the PC as a place they go to focus and do the work that matters most to them, whether that’s running their business, creating content collaborating working in their communities, etc. The PC is that place where they go to do what matters most to them. Now obviously what matters most people varies greatly by individual it’s a broad market and no one delivers a breath of leadership products from entry clients to to and ones to thin and lights to creator PCs to workstations, like we do at Intel and I wanted to show you some of the products that we’ve been working on today.

Unknown 5:37
Now, most recently, you saw us launch our first ninth generation core processors and our desktop family and that was really headline by our desktop case skews and the core i 990 900 k the unlock processor. It’s the best gaming processor on the planet and it’s earned a lot of praise 10 world records 11 mobile first places and a lot of accolades from gamers all around the world, but we wanted to take that leadership performance even further and build the family out from entry all the way through to the high end.

Unknown 6:08
So today, I’m pleased to be here to announce that we are launching six new ninth generation core desktop processors from Core i three all the way up to Core i nine.

Unknown 6:21
Now this full family of processors is going to enable anyone from casual users, all the way up to professionals to have the performance, they need to do what matters most to them. So what I thought we do is have a little fun today to start things off to demonstrate the power and performance in the creative segment and I’ve invited convey here who you saw is the one woman band who started the show and producer and composer Kevin do set to join me to help show what these processes are capable above so hey guys, thank you so much. You’re amazing. Yeah, very different essence. Yes. So now normally when we talk about music and content creation, you think there’s a band. There’s a guitar. There’s some there’s some drums, but you don’t have that

Unknown 7:03
just me, but with technology. I get to be the guitar player I can be the drummer. Yeah. Essentially the PC is our essential instrument. Now, I mean, when I’m doing some film scores. I have a whole virtual orchestra my fingertips. Sometimes that I can just be creative. At any moment. So can you give us an example. Tell us more about how. Yeah, yeah. We’d love to it’s all here. So why not.

Unknown 7:26
So why don’t you just give us a bit of music here. So some of you may not know this but cafe. He became an international star overnight with a loop based composition similar to this, but we thought it’d be nice to kind of pick up where she left off at the end of when you guys were walking in and kind of finish off the composition together right so it’d be fun. So there’ll be a lot going on. We’ve got two systems are really pushing them to the max. But essentially, she’s using Ableton Live which will have a whole modular setup with loops and and layers that you can pick and choose at any moment. And I’ve got, like, like I mentioned a rig that has literally any instrument. I want I’ve got a piano here I can scroll through show you guys as we’re playing bass, drums, you name it, I can play. It’s very great. I’m not maybe not falling all that, but I know that the PC is the instrument, you’re using. Yeah, exactly. Cool. So once you can you go ahead and yeah we love to gather that some vocals.

Unknown 8:39
So it’s pretty amazing in just those two steps. She added layers in real time. And now she’s looping and she was also playing chords, so you should have the harmonies blamed for so why don’t I had my part now but so let’s pick a piano over here.

Unknown 8:54

Unknown 8:59
all the samples, you’re hearing a coming from the piano from the desktop.

Unknown 9:23
Yo, there will be

Unknown 9:27
another land.

Unknown 9:48
Alright, it’s like it’s like the lyrics are written for me. Yeah.

Unknown 9:52
You’ll never be cool, like me, I think I got that anyway. No. So hey, it’s really cool to watch you guys work and in past people without thousands of dollars of women a studio. So you’ve got to be using incredibly well on the line equipment. Right. Well, yeah, no, actually no surprise yeah yes or no.

Unknown 10:07
So cafe. He’s Rick isn’t as an upcoming Intel nines Chen Core i five Lenovo all in one beautiful system and I’ve got an amazing HP Omen desktop obelisk and they’re just great. I mean, we really push them. So all that music being done by that. Exactly. Yep. So thank you guys very much. I thought it sounded absolutely amazing. I think you know we’re trying to give you all the performance. You need to be as creative as you want. So thank you so much for joining us. Everybody give me a hand was fantastic.

Unknown 10:39
Okay. And hey, today I’m also pleased to share that we’re not only launching our ninth generation core desktop processors today will also be brain ninth generation core processors to our mobile family are a series line just next quarter in q2 bringing that same high level of performance for gamers content creators productivity to our mobile a series line so stay tuned for that we’re very, very excited

Unknown 11:08
work in more general and what people have come to expect and the mobile computer experience and it Put simply, people really want a no compromise experience. You know, we’ve worked with our customers with industry partners, we’ve done end user research and and we really wanted to understand what drove the ideal mobile platform and it came down to kind of three basic you know three fundamental things one people want a platform that helps them focus, which we hit on earlier in the presentation.

Unknown 11:35
Second is people want a platform that adapt to them that can change as they change the rules of the day that’s intelligent and third people want a platform that’s always ready to go. That’s a combination of performance and connectivity and battery life and but they want that system to be instantly ready and always ready to go. Those three things were the most important so to deliver on that. As you can imagine, we had to go way beyond just the CPU and think at a platform level and we had to develop systems that had unprecedented levels of integration and optimization and I’m excited to tell you, I’ve got an example that here with me today.

Unknown 12:11
So for the first time, anywhere in public. Today I’m going to demonstrate and we’re going to show our ice Lake first volume 10 centimeter client Soc.

Unknown 12:21
That’s what this is, this is it right here. This is like in my hand.

Unknown 12:25
Now what I wanted to emphasize was this is way more than just the CPU and it’s packed with a bunch of firsts. Okay, it’s the first client platform. We’ve done that takes advantage of our sunny Cove CPU new micro architecture is the first platform to have our all new Gen. 11 integrated graphics, we’re just gonna have a huge lift and performance. It’s the first platform where we integrated fundable three natively into the SOC it’s the first platform where we’ve integrated Wi Fi six which used to be called into this SOC and it’s the first time we’ve integrated new instructions for machine learning called dl boost to accelerate inference based workloads on the client all that is packed into this Soc. And of course, because we’re talking about mobile computing, you’ll see it integrated into some wonderful then in like two and one and convertible systems. And of course, all with uncompromising performance and responsiveness and responsiveness. So to show that off a little bit. I want to chuck to come out and show us I place in action. So shock want to quickly show folks what we’ve ok so again this is like systems are tremendous systems. They’re very fast, you got all those features that were just talked about. So we invited a couple of our ODM to take a look at those. So here we have a pig Tron system again have office running on here. This gives you that all day battery life in that performance that can be great performance at work and on the road.

Unknown 13:52
I have another system here. This is from withdrawn now GB was talking about that gentle a gentle, loving graphics. So you can see we have a 4k screen on here so that helps drive those brilliant displays get the best battery life and that brilliant display at all times.

Unknown 14:07
But again, it’s not just about CPU performance and GPU performance, the new things that isolate brings to the table like AI. Now we talked about earlier how you would have a system that you could do deep learning and it used to be only on dizzy. On and on the client, but now you can actually have it on the client itself Homer show you how a I can actually make things simpler for your life. Now we all have hundreds of photographs on our system right and going through all those pictures trying to migrate that can be kind of a bad time at holiday. Exactly.

Unknown 14:37
So we’ve written a little script here I’m gonna go ahead and enter on both of these now this script is going to go through its gonna look at all those hundreds of photos that I have on each system you can see it’s going to look through all the system I put in a category of water, so it’s gonna find all those pictures I have that have water and you’re going to see with each of these systems, even though I have a core i seven eighth Gen CPU here when I bring in the advantages of ice lake is going to happen and go through those pictures, much, much faster and right you’re going to see actually, in this case a 1.5 x improvement. When I go through and look for pictures with water right that’s right now we say what with with ice like we’ve seen that we can accelerate this kind of influence base workload 50% 70%, maybe even two extra exactly once. The once this new This is early only silicon, but once that comes on when those ideal boost. Come on. Also, we expect, like you said to x performance boost. That’s right. Great. I think that’s a hopefully that’s a usage model that I think everyone can relate to. Okay. In addition to that, I think you’ve got another example where you’re putting nicely through the paces well gaming is another big thing that we love to do so before in the past when you have a system this then dislike you had to sacrifice something usually was that CPU performance and GPU performance but now with isolate you’re not sacrificing nothing. So we’ve also got Thunderbolt on this one system. So you see one cable. I’ve got a cable here so you can hear the game, but I got one cable going to a monitor keyboard, mouse and external storage in that I still have that tremendous general Evan graphics performance. Did we get this type of gaming solution on one simple solutions and I got to take a breath because we did that really fast you show an ice lake in the form factor great CPU graphics AI workload acceleration gaming and Thunderbolt three integration on that package. Exactly. Awesome. Thanks, Chuck. Was it. Thank you. Now, so I showed the ODM systems that were working, obviously, as we progress toward launch for holiday this year in 2019, but I wanted to go one step further today since it is CS and invite out one of our major customers to talk about their work on ice like so please join me in welcoming the president of Dell client Solutions Group Sam Berta join me out on stage. Hey Sam and he Hey, good, good, good to see you. So once you tell us a little bit about working on isolate and the work that we’ve been doing together yeah hey GB. I’m excited about the great partnership we built and the amazing best in class products we’ve been able to deliver together. so it’s been going really well guys have driven some amazing innovation. Now I know you brought the system with you today so yeah show folks and talk a little bit about it sure love to do a little show and tell here and I wanted to share with everyone you just talked about isolate I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve got your isolate 10 nanometers CPUs running in early engineering builds of our XPS line of products and before I came here GB at your request. I ran into the lab and grab one of those systems out of the hands of our engineers. So I’ve got a great XPS here that will be coming with your isolate CPUs that we’re super excited about. Now I know we can’t do the detailed you know reveal right now because it’s a little bit early. So I appreciate you guys taking that out and bringing it out here and and talking to us about it. So tell me some of that in terms of some of the features that you guys really designed that chassis around when she had some of the highlights. Yeah. Hey, so we’ve been really designing the systems around the high level of integration that you’ve built into ice lake. So as we look at it works cited about things like performance battery life graphics connectivity and the enhancements you’ve made in those areas and being able to take them over to the system. That’s great. So I can’t wait to see this on shelves for holiday and obviously love the innovation and the work that we’ve been doing together yeah hey we’re super excited about that. GB. I’m excited about the work we’re doing together on on project Athena and I think with everything coming. We’re going to have a great year of updates to be sharing with all of you talk about project in a minute. So with that, let’s give them a big thank you thanks for sharing with us. I appreciate it.

Unknown 18:40
Now as Sam started allude to I really believe that platforms like ice like kind of set establish the foundation for the next era of mobile computing and if I was going to give you just one bit of context I think most of you remember eight years ago we started an initiative and industry initiative and a program around the ultra book and you know and and alter book we really changed the game we rally the whole industry around driving away the modern mobile innovation to drive thinner, lighter better mobile products and a lot of the products you see in the marketplace today than in lights convertibles touchscreen was a result of the work we did with our industry partners on ultra book. So we believe it’s time to do that again. We are rallying all of our partners in the industry around our program. The future of mobile computing called Project Athena and it’s really all rooted in that extensive research that we’ve done a lot what people really want in the mobile experience. And just as we did in ultra buck. We’ve got we believe we can create an entirely new class of devices and a much better experience. Anybody can optimize for one vector. It takes a lot of talent time energy innovation that whole industry to optimize the entire platform in the entire system. And that’s what we’re set up to do. And we’re seeing great ecosystem support for this already.

Unknown 19:57
Okay. So, so far I’ve talked about kind of the products. A lot of the innovation, we’re bringing to market in the very near future. And I know that many of you have also heard about read or even I’m sure wrote about some of the pretty dramatic changes in our CPU architecture our packaging technologies and some of the innovation. We’re doing a really push the limits of what’s possible. Now I’m going to get a little bit geeky for a minute, so bear with me, but at the same time, I think you’ll appreciate how some of these new technical innovations are helping us bring new value to our partners and to end users at the same time.

Unknown 20:31
So what I’m going to talk about now for the first time, anywhere is one of the first products that takes advantage of that architecture and innovation and that is code name Lake field.

Unknown 20:43
Now I’m going to show you a little animation on how Lake field was put together.

Unknown 20:49
We took a new approach that’s allowing us to integrate different CPU core architectures into a single product and we call that a hybrid CPU.

Unknown 20:58
So what you’re looking at in this animation is a processor that has five cores that has a 10 nanometre high performance sunny Cove core and it’s combined with for Adam based course so you get low power efficiency immersive graphics IO memory all in this tiny SOC which is approximately 12 millimeter squared.

Unknown 21:17
We’re pairing this hybrid CPU architecture with an innovative 3d packaging approach that we call over rows where we’re able to actually stack different pieces of IP together in three dimensions instead of just to so that SOC is now packed with all the technology and 3d that people come to expect drives longer battery life performance conductivity and of course I don’t think you have to be a PhD in material science or packaging technology understand what it means. It means we can do smaller chips smaller boards more efficient better designs, it’s going to unleash some great performance some great platform innovation in the industry and even more innovative devices.

Unknown 21:57
So we’re not talking about just a minor decrease in size. I wanted to show you the lake field board that we built inside of Intel, you know, here it is.

Unknown 22:08
This is Lake field on a reference board that we have done in house. This is our smallest full PC motherboard

Unknown 22:19
that we’re excited,

Unknown 22:23
you know, and we so you know the whole point of doing this very, very small motherboard and a full PC experience at this kind of scale is to unleash innovation in the industry with our partners in smaller sizes think below 11 inch form factors think dual screens, think about the future even even designs that may fold having this and one of the halves of the system right this kind of innovative form factor can go many, many places and we’re excited what this could bring and now on top of doing just the board. We’ve also done some reference design work inside Intel as we brought up like field and brought it to life and Chuck is going to show us a couple examples of that today. So, Chuck. Do you want to talk about what you’ve got there. Absolutely. Like you said, this is early early reference designs, but I’m super excited to show you exactly how far we’ve come in these like billboards. Here you can see I’ve got a smaller system. I’ve got a video up and running. I’ve also got the display monitor running so you can see the heterogeneous computing display working up there. And I’ve also got a little larger form factor here I’ve got a movie playing full desktop OS experience looking fantastic right so i mean i you know we wanted to go even beyond and show you late field working in systems today that it’s possible scaling down a very, very low standby power and small designs as he’s got there, but also scaling up and performance to kind of full PC experience. So I’m so excited. I can’t wait to talk more about what’s the common, you know, please stay tuned through 2019. We have a lot more to say about Lakeville. So thank you, Chuck. Give him a big hand for me. Thanks.

Unknown 23:57
Okay. And I wanted to finish my time with you today by giving you an example. Now that really talks about how we’re working with partners and and as I kind of initiated as I started things off you know from the data center through the network to the client and I’ve got a great partner of ours to do that with me today. Please welcome with me. The president of technology products and experience at Comcast Tony Warner out on stage. It’s good man. Hey Tony

Unknown 24:24
Hey, good to see ya. Thanks. So hey, you know, we’ve been working together for a long time, but we’ve got some new news today.

Unknown 24:32
Why don’t we start with just a little bit on some of the work that we’ve done together recently around you guys driving gigabit service to people’s homes and businesses. Yeah. No, it’s great and you know there’s been a lot of the Intel technology has really helped us we’ve reached a what I think is a pretty big milestone 58 million homes pass or gigabit services available and a lot of that is the Puma system on a chip dry. Some of the other products that we’re getting out of Intel and I think that’s fantastic but is what I’m more excited about is what’s I think it’s new news. That’s right. And that’s really the work that you’re doing, where you’re partnering with us partnering with the industry to bring 10 gigabit full duplex technology and speeds to our network as we go forward and this is really going to it’s the next generation of technology it allow us to take what we’ve already launched up by tenfold and give us symmetrical speeds just really changing the home. Well, I just can’t imagine gigabit to the home and we’re incredibly happy to be partnering with you to bring that technology to homes. Very cool. And America on top of that you and I have always talked about. It’s not just getting the more bandwidth to the home is actually improving the Wi Fi experience in the home and getting gigabit speeds inside of the home and we’re working together on that as well. 100% I mean Wi Fi is the workhorse of the home network. It’s what everything connects to people don’t want wires in the home where they don’t have to have them. And so, you know, we’re demonstrating this week in your booth where we’ve got one of our advanced gateways with Intel technology inside of it going to Intel clients doing well, north of a gigabit per second. Right. So we’re demonstrating that but it’s let’s also more exciting as I think our work together on Wi Fi six as right which is going to take the speed up but it’s also almost unlimited the number of devices, there’ll be able to connect, which is really critical as we go to this town 20 3040 5060 devices per home everything from garage door openers to doorbell. Right. The other one I just showed isolate client, which has kind of Wi Fi six integrated into it. I think it’s a great example of how we’re partnering together, you know, working 10 gigabit service in the cloud in the network, all the way through to the gateway in the home and then even through to the client device tab Wi Fi integrated and honored to have a partner like you to do that now just to kind of paint the picture now we’ve got 10 gigabits to the home gigabit service inside of the home what kind of content and services. Can you imagine that would be delivered through that kind of funny, but I think we can imagine all kinds. I mean, there’s going to be immersive content multiplayer eSports response of VR designs tons more some of the things that you’ve seen here, but I think that there’s going to be a lot of things that we’re going to want to deliver to the home with that speed knowledge. Right. In fact, the video behind you playing is actually an example of volumetric video immersive content around sports and these are actual athletes, some of them in a real environment. Some of them in a studio environment being upheld. And it’s just one example of kind of immersive content that we can take to the home with this kind of bandwidth finally hundred percent. Yeah. So, and with that I did want to also announce today that as partners for the Olympics. We’re going to be collaborating with Comcast working together to take this kind of immersive Olympic content to consumers.

Unknown 27:51
Starting with the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, which we’re very, very excited about. I am really excited. I think good partnership between, you know, Comcast NBC and Intel I 2020 Olympics are going to be about. It’s fantastic anything. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be a ball well hey great that thank you for joining me today. Thanks, Tony. Thanks a lot, give a big hand.

Unknown 28:13
Okay. So hey, as I mentioned at the top of the program. The new era of computing is really about leveraging the power data from client to the edge to the cloud to deliver an amazing array of new experiences so talk to more about those amazing experiences. Please join me in welcoming the beach annoy to the stage so know being Come on out.

Unknown 28:40
All right.

Unknown 28:42
Are you guys having a good time. Okay, good.

Unknown 28:45
So look, we wouldn’t ordinarily be at the Consumer Electronics Show to talk about the data center but we’ve come to recognize that the data center sort of this quiet force behind the scenes that moves and stores and processes data and creates value for all of us. And so I’d love to share everything we’re doing in the data center today, but we have a limited amount of time. I’m going to zip around a little bit and try to share a few highlights from across the vast infrastructure that our technology supporting every day all around the world. And I’m going to start with the heart and soul of the data center and that is the Z on microprocessor, believe it or not, z on turned 20 years old last year and in the past 20 years we’ve been making and driving z on forward to ensure that as the industry leading processor everywhere and we’ve done that by delivering advancements year in after year out for our customers, our long history in doing this is one of the reasons why our currency on has 95 performance world records and why we have confidence that we will maintain this as we look forward today. I’m happy to announce that we at the tail end of 2018 began shipping our next generation z on codenamed cascade lakes cascade lakes is designed to handle processing the world’s data and, you know, we’ve added many new capabilities to this product that we’re very excited about that. We’ll talk a little bit more about over the course of this afternoon. First and foremost, we’ve added a new advanced performance capability with 48 cores for the most demanding workload. Second, we’ve added AI features like Intel deep learning boost that I’ll show you in a bit to accelerate the latest AI workloads. Third, we’ve added a truly groundbreaking technology called octane persistent memory. This is a technology that we’ve been at for a decade now and it’s faster than solid state drives but applications can recognize it as a large memory. And what that allows you to do is deliver benefits that unlike Today’s memory, you can have persistence. In other words, the data will maintain even when the power is out.

Unknown 31:05
And so as I said cascade lake and obtain persistent memory have been designed for data from the ground up and one place where we see this incredible data transformation happening is in the retail industry and if I take you back three months to the world’s biggest shopping day not black friday not Cyber Monday, the largest single shopping day on the planet is on November 11 1111. It’s a huge one. One day online shopping event, also known as singles date celebrated in China every year on November, 11 and $30. billion in sales on that single day.

Unknown 31:47
It’s bigger than Black Friday. It’s bigger than Cyber Monday combined by quite a bit and the company of course that’s behind this event is Ali Baba, and we’ve been working with Ali Baba since almost the day they were founded and I’m proud to say that we work closely with Ali Baba on cascade lakes and obtain persistent memory, they deployed it in their production environment for a data access and caching storage system octane persistent memory allowed them to expand the available memory and thereby improve the ability to handle a surge of customers on November 11. So today I’m excited to talk about a way in which we’re expanding our collaboration with Alibaba.

Unknown 32:32
We caught up with Ali Baba Chief Marketing Officer Chris tongue. Just a couple of days ago at their headquarters in Hong Joe and I’ll let him tell you a little bit about it.

Unknown 32:44
Hello to everyone at CES. I’m sorry. I cannot be there in person to celebrate Alibaba long partnership with Intel together. We’re already building the future of digital commerce Oliver was November 11 Go go shopping festival has become one of the most anticipated days of the year in China and internationally. And this year we set new records doing $13.8 billion in cells India’s Next Generation Z on scalable processors and until oktane dc persistent memory helped Ali Baba reach new heights for the world’s largest online sale.

Unknown 33:27
The new Intel platform can efficiently process massive amounts of data in real time, enabling our digital commerce applications to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience Alibaba and into are also working together on computing AI and IoT technologies to power new retail by digital rising offline retail businesses at Alibaba. There is a saying that goes today’s highest performance is tomorrow starting point Intel and Alibaba or companies that are constantly challenging ourselves and striving for the best. It is a spirit that’s also represented by the Olympic Movement Alibaba Intel are both worldwide partners of the Olympics and I’m happy to announce our next collaboration that will take us there Alibaba cloud and Intel will deliver the first ever AI powered 3d athlete tracking during the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo this groundbreaking technology will provide fans with more compelling insights into how world class athletes perform and compared to one another.

Unknown 34:46
We are very proud to work with Intel to reimagine the future of the Olympics and to bring the new experiences and excitement to audience of the games. Thank you. Nothing and all of Intel for being transformative partners by best wishes for successful CS.

Unknown 35:09
Okay, so we’re thrilled about our partnership with Ali Baba and as Chris said in that video we’ve developed a novel technology concept called three athlete tracking I’m like the way this is done today there’s no special suits. there’s no special sensors here. What we’re doing is taking the data from regular cameras, we’re applying an AI algorithm a bunch of compute power and what you end up with is a super accurate digital model of the athletes performance and you can imagine that you can analyze that information in many different ways, it’s going to help the way the audience can experience the Olympic Games in sort of real time but also we’re finding that it’s going to help the athletes themselves in the process of training for the Olympic Games and so we’re working with a number of partners to bring this to life. We’re working with Alibaba as you heard about.

Unknown 36:02
And we’re also working with some interesting new companies that I want to tell you about now we’re working with a company called wrench. This is a computer vision and deep learning software engineering company and and what I’m going to do is have the CEO of that company, Dr. Paul crush esky join me here and tell you a little bit about how we’re working together to bring ideas like that to life. So Paul would you would you join us, please.

Unknown 36:32
Good to see you.

Unknown 36:33
Thanks. Thanks for coming out. My pleasure. So tell us a little bit about about ranch.

Unknown 36:39
So ranch AI is the world’s fastest and most accurate human pose estimation platform which extracts three human motion and behavior data from standard video are trained model takes 23 skeletal track tracking points for live video in real time which enables us to analyze video data that will just wasn’t possible before.

Unknown 37:22

Unknown 37:05
That’s great. And I understand you’ve been using cascade lakes and using some of the AI algorithms that you have on that tell it tell us about that. Yes, we’ve been working, working with some great Intel engineers to see just what z on processors could do for rent AI, I’d like to show you what we’ve been able to accomplish so far what I’m showing here are two systems running wrench AI

Unknown 37:32
on the one size our standard GPU configuration and on the other side is with the new Intel processors john if you can start the demo, we can see how the results stack up so both systems are now tracking the human movement in the video on the exact same video with our current solution on a GPU. We’re influencing around 90 frames a second, but on the cascade Lake platform optimized was the Intel dl boost. We’re influencing at 450 frames which blows my mind.

Unknown 38:09
Now, if my math is right there that’s five x faster. It’s five x and we’ve only really started. So there’s this perception out there that you can only use you need GPUs.

Unknown 38:20
And that’s the only way to do way I what what’s your experience, but that that was our perception going into this project felt exactly the same way as everyone else but the results speak for themselves. It totally changed our mind. I don’t think it’s any more about CPU vs GPU.

Unknown 38:35
The results are fantastic. And we’re really excited to bring this z on Compute to our cloud system. That’s awesome. Thank you so much, Paul. We’re looking forward to it. Thank you. Thanks a bunch. Take care.

Unknown 38:48
So we’re super excited about the potential for things like 3d athlete tracking for the Tokyo 2020 games together with our Olympic partners, we were going to be bringing this out for a bunch of events and you can expect that as we head into Beijing in 2020 will take it even further now AI as you heard about was sort of fundamental to making that experience possible and as we think about AI and we think about its impact on the world we we really thought about it as as a fundamental shift that once in a decade or once in a multiple decade kind of shift over time AI is going to be essentially everywhere. We won’t really be talking about AI companies, a few years from now, because every company will be using or processing or enabling AI in their everyday existence, we think about AI across two dimensions. One is the dimension of location where is the AI being processed at the edge on one hand locally. For example, in a drone or autonomous car and on the other hand at the data center in the cloud.

Unknown 39:56
The other dimension of course is by workload and in AI world today there’s sort of two primary types of workloads that we’ve come to talk about training workloads and influence workloads and Intel’s investing to be a leader across all of these dimensions. You’ve heard a lot about training over multiple years now, but one area where we haven’t really had a breakthrough yet is on influence this this tends to be a more difficult problem we showed you some of what we’re doing here with cascade lakes and dl boost and the work we’re doing with wrench and other companies to accelerate on Zia GB showed you a little bit about what we’re doing there on the client, but there’s a need for us to push even harder and even further on influence and today I’m excited to announce that we are introducing an entirely new class of AI tip from Intel built specifically to solve our customer problems on influence and that is the Intel Nirvana and neural network processor or the NPI for sure we expect the NPI when we bring it out later in 2019 to deliver industry leading industry leading tops per watt or performance per watt on real production influence workloads will bring it out into the market in the second half of this year.

Unknown 41:19
It’s going to be important for many new influence applications like image recognition image classification and that will be important in new domains like social media. In fact, I’m happy to announce today that Facebook is one of our development partners and we’re excited to be working with them and many others to bring this solution into the market. As I said in 2019, so we’re really excited about the NPI. This is a really big deal for us, it expands our position in AI above and beyond what we’ve done in z on and what we’ve done in core into a new domain.

Unknown 41:55
Okay, so let me shift now from AI to another important transition that many here at CES are talking about and that is five G. There was a time when the communications industry and the computing industry were really kind of separate industries parallel universes, if you will, the five G is going to change that forever the intersection of communications and computing is really what 5g is all about. There’s new use cases that five G will enable that require computing to move closer to the user. And no one is suited better than Intel to address these opportunities. We’re taking an end to end approach to deliver on five g from the edge to the device to the core of the network and of course in the data center on the device side you’ve heard us talk about already our intention to bring a 5g modem to market later in 2019 that of course follows the hundreds of millions of 4g modems that we’ve already introduced, but 5g requires us to expand our capabilities in the data center and bring them into the network, why is that well I talked a little bit about it earlier new latency sensitive use cases like autonomous driving cloud gaming industrial IoT this level of low latency is only possible by moving compute to the point at which the data is actually being created and consumed and so today we’re announcing that we are expanding our decade long investments in network infrastructure with a new network SOC codenamed snow Ridge that has been developed specifically for 5g wireless access the introduction of snow Ridge is going to bring Intel architecture into a new place where it’s never been before. And that is the wireless base station market historically base stations are those things that we all drive by on cell phone towers those devices have been fixed function proprietary hardware and software and and now they’re being re architected to run on Intel architecture. This is an example of a base station here and what we’re doing is we’re taking all of the technology, we’ve developed for the server market.

Unknown 44:12
We’re shrinking it down repurchasing it and we’re developing it and fitting it into a very small form factor, such as this rugged dicing it so that it can sit eventually on to those cell phone towers that we all drive by there by moving servers essentially closer and closer to the user.

Unknown 44:33
And we wanted to take some risk here today and show you a a very early development silicon development of snow Ridge inaction using our latest 10 nanometer process technology. I have here a snow Ridge machine that’s using our snow rage a silicon and here I have a system that is generating traffic. What I’m going to do now is use this system to generate traffic and that will be then process by snow red. So let’s start that process. Now click this start that process. Now once you see on the animation on the screen is a simulation of the traffic being generated by this machine it’s now being flow, it’s flowing through snow rage on this machine. And what you can see it doing is there’s five different applications that are running here a remote surgery applications. A industrial IoT application a sports a piece of sports content productivity application in a virtual virtual reality application what snow ridges able to do is is able to differentiate between these different applications and prioritize the application that is most latency sensitive. In this case, the remote surgery application literally could mean the difference between life and death in terms of the responsiveness for that application, you can see that it’s running at 100 gigabits of traffic and it’s able to prioritize that remote remote surgery application over the other. So this is a simple example but wouldn’t be possible without the latency that you can bring into the market with a product like snow rich and without what’s possible with 5g and this example, for example, imagine a world where a surgeon and a patient could be in a different location and the surgeon could use a remote robot that maybe mimics his hand gestures to instantaneously operate on a patient in a different location. These are the kinds of things that will be possible, as we think about the future.

Unknown 46:36
Now we’re excited about snow Ridge, it’ll take our position in the base station market from zero percent just a few years ago to what we predict will be over 40% by the year 2022 so GB showed you an early version of ice like earlier. I’m going to show you another product now on 10 nanometre our ice like server silicon that follows cascade lake and I’m going to show you this running backstage, just so you know that it’s running live here you can see the guys showing you the system running backstage. This is the first time we’ve demonstrated this publicly. And what you can see here is that we are running a machine learning simulation was Ziva dynamic software and we’re using it to create this character Zeke the lion on the left. What you can see is a machine learning simulation that’s running on that ice like server and this is the model that’s being used to create this character Zeke and on the right. What you can see is the ZIVA software is then creating Zeke layer by layer from the bones to the muscles to the skin. And then finally, adding the first and you can see how the end result is incredibly lifelike and what’s pretty neat about this is literally we got isolate silicon back just a few weeks ago and already that it’s capable of running machine learning simulations like this. So we’re very excited about ice like coming to the market in the follow on to cascade like bringing new levels of performance performance per watt new security features for our customers in some what you’ve seen over the course of this presentation today is we’ve demonstrated for you for products running on our latest 10 nanometer process technology ice like client Lichfield client snow rage for the data center and ice like for the data center all having hot having in common. The 10 nanometer process technology from the ultra low power in Lake field to the highest performance in Islay so we’re making very good progress on all of the products that will leverage the latest silicon process technology from Intel on 10 nanometers very exciting and great to see the progress that the engineers are making so finally here today, I want to discuss an industry that is being transformed in the data era and that is the transportation industry Intel acquired mobilized few years ago to help us accelerate the transformation of the transportation industry, particularly in the shift to autonomous driving.

Unknown 49:21
And what I’d like to do now is invite out our senior vice president and mobilize CEO Professor Amnon Joshua to join me here today to provide an update on the work that he’s up to. In this exciting, exciting space. Welcome. Thanks was indeed a great idea, great to see so what have you been up to. I’m not know a lot going on in 2018 and so far in 2019 already. I think what we have been making great progress, both on autonomous driving and driving assist our leadership and driving assist as strong as ever in 2018 16 models have received the five star European Cup racing 12 of them mobilized inside as an example of our latest and greatest this BMW over x five comes with a vocal camera configuration that was launched last year with an it for the vocal setting leveraging both wide field of view and narrow field of view to get range and and to get also coverage spatial coverage.

Unknown 50:28
The customer functions like long range hazard the detection traffic light recognition vehicles from any angle are all industry for a customer functions and this, this, this, this, this device has a lot more than just the front facing camera. Well, this is the production version is front facing and we have now we fitted this car with 12 cameras. Three of them are the production version and included this car is part of our normal car a fleet, so it follows our vision. Vision centric approach where we do a full stack end to end capability running an anonymous car self driving car using only cameras and then later adding radars and ladders to to get a full redundancy. Yeah, other than the sensors, there’s there’s a bunch of compute in this car as well. Tell, tell us a little bit of all right now there are eight IQ fours, but early next year they’re going to be three to five chips, which would be ready for ready for production which will give us both power consumption and almost infinite computing power that will need.

Unknown 51:31
So what about the IQ five. So in addition to autonomous cars we have here this is the first IQ find the board, together with the BMW and active.

Unknown 51:44
This is far as have a 2021 production program from level three to level four and running on an IQ five chip. We have also volume productions of over 8 million units on ready for it.

Unknown 52:00
So, when can I go buy one of those things well from a technology perspective we’re working towards 2021.

Unknown 52:09
I’ve been consistent about that since 2016 but you know the industry is evolving and Intel needs to prepare various solutions to match the needs of numerous different no value nodes from Silicon only all the way up to a turnkey autonomous vehicle solution up to embed mobility as a service new recently I know you announced last year, a partnership with Volkswagen to do this mobility as a service. Why, why is that such a big deal. Tell us about that.

Unknown 52:39
What it’s a breakthrough on a number of fronts. First, you know, the company of the size of and reputation of false again relying on Intel through mobilized to supply a full stack self driving system that consists of silicon software, hardware planning control mapping.

Unknown 52:57
Second, the joint venture is supported by the Israeli government from the point of view of reducing and working on regulatory barriers to allow commercialization of its enormous cars now the most critical element and this regulatory barriers is how to standardize safety where Robert taxis shared the road with human drivers. So you are expected to be both safe and agile at the same time and and this creates a conflict. So at mobilized we developed an open standard we call responsibility sensitive safety or RSS and it finds a sweet spot between safety and agility one providing formally guarantees. So let’s take a quick peek about how it looks like in a challenging environment like a like roads in Jerusalem.

Unknown 53:42
So what we see up there is a car blocking blocking the highway so dense back to high when you see other cars are trying moving their way out changing, changing lanes and you see the Intel vehicle with a logo on the black my roof is the black one, which is now finding its way assertively and safely changing the lane and you’ll see this now from under the hood insight on the right hand, you’ll see a boxes representing vehicles. The color codes. The red and green are which we called it the car decides to take away or give away and you see how it’s changing fighting its way through negotiating through traffic in a very, very agile.

Unknown 54:24
Yeah, that’s so really impressive on that. So tell tell us a little bit more because the maps are fundamental to making something like that happens. So tell us about what you’re doing in that in that space. Well, of course, this year we had some exciting results and our efforts to create global High Definition High Definition maps.

Unknown 54:41
We just finished mapping. Our first country all of Japan highways say total of 25,000 kilometer in a completely automatic process literally with a push of a button based on the crowd sourced data from Nissan’s the fleet. So this is in contrast to a conventional manual labor expensive recording equipment of conventional High Definition map a construction of today.

Unknown 55:04
So for example, we have just embarked on a partnership with the world’s leading mapping agency ordinances survey the national mapping agency of the UK, we are launching an initial data service offering with them for utility companies in the UK. So to leverage the landmark detection and semantic data that we extract from our cameras, we refer to our cameras and intelligent agents and all this data is picked up at a very, very high accuracy. So this data will be harvested by fleet vehicles outfitted with our retrofit system to mobilize at Connect. So here’s a taste of what it might look like.

Unknown 55:40
So through this this film that you’re going to see

Unknown 55:45
shows the kind of the kinds of data that we’re going to extract so it’s imagine that though you can match under the road data like water pipe and gas lines with over the road data like manholes drain holes telegraph poles, all of those detected by the camera system.

Unknown 56:03
Don’t forget that. Of course, this also means that will map the UK for the message right so that’s great. I’m not. You said you mentioned some in enhanced features there what what are those about well, but using technology is developing the AP sphere were innovating around driving assist to bring it to a whole new level much safer than today’s a driving assist but I think we’ll leave that for my talk tomorrow.

Unknown 56:29
Okay, so I’m not got an hour tomorrow. If you’re interested in hearing more his talk is at 1130. Thank you so much great progress on that. Thank you very much.

Unknown 56:41
Okay, so we’ve covered a lot of ground in this 15 minutes or so here with you today. Let me quickly wrap up, we really just scratched the surface of all of the things that we’re working on to enable this next era of data center computing, as you heard at the beginning of this talk today we are pursuing the largest opportunity in Intel’s history of a $300 billion silicon Tam, we launched today our ninth generation core products for the desktop coming soon for the notebook, we’re shipping are cascade Lake Xian with new features like dl boost and obtain persistent memory, we’re bringing Intel architecture to new areas like five g with network soco such as snow rich and we’re expanding our AI portfolio into the influence domain with a dedicated neural network processor for influence will making excellent progress as you just heard phenomenon on autonomous driving and we showed you a glimpse of many products in many different domains on our 10 nanometers silicon process technology from the client to the data center to the network between Lake field snow Ridge ice like for the client ice like for the data center and none of this we can do alone. We’ve always been about enabling an ecosystem. We’re super excited about the partners and the customers we have on this journey with us between Dell Comcast and Alibaba and Facebook wrench and BMW and many others to help shape the future so want to leave you with one final thing one final thought as you may know, last year was Intel’s 50th year as a company or 50 year anniversary. And over the course of those 50 years Intel’s played an incredibly important role in driving. Many of the advancements that we all take for granted today yet we’ve never been consumed by that history, really. In fact, as we look forward to our 51st year we’re inspired by the words of our founder Bob Noyce who reminded us to not be encumbered by that history but in fact to go out and to go do something wonderful. And that’s exactly what every day we’re hungry to go out and do so thank you very much for joining us. Have a great CES. Thank you.

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COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018にあわせて、Synologyが別会場で新製品の展示をしてたんだけど、SynologyのNASいいね。昨年末にサーバーとんで、あわてて入れ替えたからDroboにしたんだけど、Synologyのほうがいろいろできそうと言うか、昔のWindows Home Serverみたいで楽しそう。Droboにしてちょっと失敗したかなぁと。



スライドショーには JavaScript が必要です。

スライドショーには JavaScript が必要です。

MacBook Airを初期状態に

外出時に使用しているMacBook Air(2013/11inch)のストレージが5GB台とかになって、OSのアップデートにも支障をきたす状況に。




ヽ(●´ε`●)ノ  235GBも空いた!! っていうかシステムだけなら少ないのねぇ。

●Photoshop & Lightroom
●LINE WeChat


ヽ(●´ε`●)ノ  まだ198GBも余ってる!!


iPad Pro 9.7でプロファイルがインストールできないためリセット

iPad Pro 9.7はIIJmioのau回線で運用しているんですが、なぜかプロファイルをインストールできなくなってしまった。ただ不思議なことに、ちゃんと通信できてるんですよね。













んで感想ですが。かなりいい! 購入前に祥平さんがHHKBを触らせてくれたのですが、タイピングの感覚はほぼ同じですね。タイピングしてても以前のような疲れはあまり感じないです。


15年くらいキーが平べったいキーボードばかり使ってたので、打ちにくいかなとも思ったけど、スグに慣れました。逆にこっちのほうが 打ちやすいくらい。



Amazon PrimeDayで買ったもの

Kindle Paperwhite の画面がちょっと割れちゃってたので、マンガモデルを購入。あとスリーブケース。フリップケースと迷ったけど、フリップケースつけると重くなるのよねぇ。せっかく軽いPaperwhite なので、読むときは裸にしたい。

UPQのQ-displayスペック間違ってたんで2000円クーポンくれるって 追記有り

UPQの最新スマホ『UPQ Phone A02』の発売を今か今かと1年以上待ちわびて、そっちに注目してたら、10日以上も前にQ-displayシリーズについてこんなお詫びとお知らせがでてたのを見落としてました。



で、ゴメンナサイってことで2000円のAmazonクーポン券くれるみたいなんだけど……その程度の間違いかしら!? ディスプレーで倍速対応かどうかって、商品選択で結構重要なポイントだと思うけど……。




65 インチ ・50 インチ 4K ディスプレイ



PC用のスピーカーに『Jawbone JAMBOX』を使ってたんだけど、ここ最近ブツブツと音が切れるようになって調子が悪い。

寿命なのかしらとAnkerの『SoundCore ポータブル』をオーダー。

で到着を待ってたんだけど、そういえばSoundCore ポータブルはBluetooth4.0対応だけど、Bluetoothドングルは対応してるかしら?と調べたら、購入したのは大昔の2006年!。しかもBluetooth2.1までしか対応してない『BT-MicroEDR2X』だった……。

なので近所のヤマダでBluetooth4.0に対応した『iBUFFALO Bluetooth4.0+EDR/LE対応 USBアダプター ブラック BSBT4D09BK』を買ってきた。

んでPCに装着してJawbone JAMBOXとつなげてみたら、いやもう快調に音でるでやんの!! Bluetoothスピーカーを無駄に一個買っちまった結果に……。とりあえずJawbone JAMBOXは妹にあげたけどw