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Good evening and Happy New Year.

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Thank you for joining us in booth here at CES 2019 and welcome also to those of you who are watching this live, of course, the growth.

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It’s a great honor for me to be here and talk to you this evening

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at CES technologies such as AI autonomous driving and 5g usually takes center stage people together here to talk about how those technologies can be used to improve our lives or make our lives easier.

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We have Sony working on. So the important technologies to but today I drive to shift gears a little and talk about technologies

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that empower people’s creativity.

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Creativity when combined with technology brings about amazing content and entertainment that touch people’s hearts and enrich people’s rights

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Sony is a creative entertainment company.

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We have Sony partner with content creators to make the music

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and the games that engage billions of eyes and ears and minds around the wall

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and it was funny branded hardware help create and distribute that entertainment.

Unknown 2:03

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and where and how they want the CSC yes we drive to showcase for the professional grade products support creators across entertainment industries to produce compelling content and we’re also see how our consumer products Connect creators and

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content at the highest possible code

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when creators and users connected at the deep emotional level

Unknown 2:51
committee of interest comes to write one of the biggest communities of interest associated with Sony is of course PlayStation today.

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I’m proud to share with you said PlayStation four has sold more than five media use this holiday season.

Unknown 3:20
The Cube at cc thrones has reached over 91 million worldwide

Unknown 3:32
directory entertainment is connecting game creators with one of the largest and most passionate gamers communities is

Unknown 3:45
we are very fortunate to continue our partnerships with a number of outstanding third party game creators ranging from triple A titles to indie games.

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Additionally, we are delivering the best in class award winning titles such as Marvel’s spider man go to war and Gran Turismo

Unknown 4:14
to customer service PlayStation Network has a highly engaged community of over 90 million monthly active users.

Unknown 4:25
Now let me play a video that shows you why precision is the best place to pray,

Unknown 4:58
can you kill something that big.

Unknown 6:44

Unknown 6:52
I hope you have the excitement that members of the precision committee share

Unknown 7:03
also be formed around our hardware product.

Unknown 7:06
For instance, there is an enthusiastic community of professional and aspiring photographers around our, our cameras in this community, the users are creators.

Unknown 7:24
We also have a community around eyeball and there will be celebrating eyeballs false busted in just a

Unknown 7:37
my colleagues from Sony Pictures and Sony Music they share how our technology and products have to turn creative vision into reality.

Unknown 7:50
First is Tom Rossman from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Tom. Please join me on stage.

Unknown 8:09
Thank you. Thank you. Hello, everybody.

Unknown 8:12
I’m delighted to be here to represent Sony Pictures.

Unknown 8:16
As some of you may know, Sony Pictures Entertainment the corporate company in

Unknown 8:25

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I run the film side my counterpart Mike Hopkins is here somewhere on the TV side and as you she does sound pointed out Sony’s vision is to be a creative entertainment company creating and maximizing communities of interest to do that you need to have not only outstanding technology but strong entertainment content. And last thing intellectual property which we call IP for short that goes with it for the last few years, one of our top priorities at Sony was built

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and creating new franchises for those communities of interest and I’m proud to say that we have made

Unknown 9:15
up with recently released or plan coming into these for some of our most successful franchises films like Jumanji equalizer to a new men and black coming this summer goosebumps Charlie’s Angels and, in particular, I want to talk today quite a bit about animation animation has been hugely successful for us in leveraging our IP we’ve had three Hotel Transylvania films which are now more than a billion dollar franchise worldwide.

Unknown 9:48
We have a sequel to our very successful hybrid film Peter Rabbit that actually start shooting in Australia next week.

Unknown 9:57
And of course, a movie in current release, which I hope if you’ve been paying attention you seen or heard about and that is spider man into the spider verse Now spider verse represents not only a quite innovative and spectacular work of animation in its own right, but it’s a perfect example of how strong IP can be leveraged and expanded into new content new formats and exploited on multiple platforms and I’m proud to say that as of last night.

Unknown 10:36
Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the product of Dartmouth College and the producers of slider verse are now golden

Unknown 10:52
and luckily, a little later on.

Unknown 10:57
Bill about how they created this first of its kind, entirely new and original work but with respect to the underlying IP it’s worth knowing that today only the Disney Company and Sony, there’s the only

Unknown 11:19
to make film or television content based on the enormously popular Marvel characters last year’s terrific success of spider man homecoming homecoming with Tom Holland, open the door to myriad opportunities for us, then I’m which had record breaking success. This fall, the animated spider verse which we’re going to talk a lot about today. And then this coming July we have

Unknown 11:47
other films. Now in pre production featuring other characters

Unknown 11:54
characters and there is of course the phenomenally successful PlayStation Spider Man game that launched to record breaking numbers this fall when my boss tone even square took over Sony as chairman and CEO, about a year and a half ago. He said that one of the things that drew in

Unknown 12:17
action to the broader Sony businesses, specifically the distinct creative advantages and opportunities that come from being so closely aligned to a company renowned for its visionary and innovative technology and I can tell you that I see that marriage between technological innovation and creativity playing out every day in two profound ways all across the studio first in the tech that’s using the creative

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and second in the delivery of that content to our audiences in terms of production.

Unknown 13:02
There’s a lot of Sony technology across the breadth of the studio at every stage I I enjoyed I was watching out of the corner.

Unknown 13:10
When you all coming in. I hope you saw the clip with Jim Cameron talking about the Venice camera you know some of you may know this but Jim and I actually worked together on two of the biggest movies of all time Titanic and Avatar.

Unknown 13:26
So I know Jim quite well and I am not overstating when I say the gym is wrong. The greatest and most innovative filmmakers of our time, but he is also among the most meticulous he is devoted to excellence in all that he does and Jim’s use of the Venice camera speaks volumes to the quality of that product if it were not the best Jim Cameron would not use it and we fortunately are using it as well. At this time we have eight productions on the TV side using the Venice camera each are visually dynamic in their own way and that dynamism is increased by the use of the vendors camera on the film side, we’ve used various Sony tech including Sony’s professional Cinema Camera the F 55 the alpha nine, which is a compact, lightweight full frame mirrors camera and the alpha seven x smart to.

Unknown 14:29
We also use the ultra compact robust r zero

Unknown 14:37
Ang Lee’s revolutionary hyper realistic visuals and Billy Lynn’s halftime walk. We’re only made possible by use of the Sony f 65 last fall, we released the first studio movie to shoot primarily on the output seven s mark to with Hawk and a morphic lenses so we use an exploit the latest and second Sony technology throughout the creation of our content, but that technology is also playing a significant role in our post production activities, the quality of that tech is central to what we’re here to talk about today, creating and delivering high quality content for audiences to enjoy as the creators of that content intended to be seen as to the delivery of the content well as those of you, even if your most specialty is consumer electronics. I’m sure know the motion picture business has been going through a substantial transition.

Unknown 15:44
The way people consume our content has changed, but we at Sony remain firm believers in the theatrical experience. The in theater experience and we will always be. So having said that, however, a critical part of the lifespan of movie content is the home entertainment window. Following its theatrical run and audiences watching great film and television content at home want the best possible home theater experience especially when that content is extra as is as extraordinary visually stunning and technically advanced as Spider Man

Unknown 16:32
returning to that film to give you a little more insight into much of the groundbreaking activity that made it possible. It’s a real pleasure for me to introduce to the stage, the president of Sony Pictures Animation This woman has overseen the pioneering work done there and has been instrumental in bringing this fabulous film to audiences. Ladies, Gentlemen, please welcome my colleague Christine Belson

Unknown 17:13
everybody. Thank you, Tom. So right now, industry wide animation is experiencing a true golden age because ever since the computer animation revolution began nearly 25 years ago animated storytelling keeps rapidly evolving and all these recent technological advancements have allowed filmmakers to express their vision in new and previously impossible ways. And when you look at a film like spider verse, you can’t help but to be blown away by its innovative style. It’s so bold its vibrant beauty and of course the In Home experience is as critical as theatrical especially with our animated movies, which generally enjoy a long life in the home entertainment window so it’s truly so important to filmmakers and audiences that a display device can faithfully reproduce images with every detail intact, the full range of colors that full range of brightness and darkness, so that it really, really resonates we all want these devices that support the storytelling and deliver on the visual and the emotional experience that creators like Chris infill intended

Unknown 18:23
AK an old BRAVIA master series can really really enhance that experience, all of which in turn expands the possibilities of the range of our creations Sony Pictures has been collaborating since 2000 with Sony’s TV engineers on the TV Picture Mode developed for a deeply satisfying home theater experience and the team also worked closely together to promote 4k HDR filmmaking, which is another tool that can dramatically expand the range of potential creative expression BRAVIA master series televisions deliver nearly the same level of quality as the professional grade monitors, we use in production providing super accurate reproduction of picture with every detail as intended. And again, for us, the goal is use technology, not only to support creators in their storytelling, but to help them expand the possibilities of their storytelling and to have viewers immerse themselves even more deeply into these wonderful stories at Sony Pictures Animation we intentionally do not have a specific how style like some animation studios do with each movie our filmmakers create a unique distinctive film that reflects their personal vision and on spider verse, our creative guiding lights were Phil Lord and Chris Miller fill in Chris along with our directors Bob persnickety Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rosman and our animators and engineers at image works dreamed up incredibly ambitious ideas for what this movie could be.

Unknown 19:55
We all saw this chance to bring spider man to the screen in a way that harken back to his comic book roots yet was astonishingly fresh and cinematic now to talk about their truly extraordinary film and the creative process that led to such a powerful connection with audiences around the world. Please welcome Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Unknown 20:25
Thank you. Christine Hi everybody.

Unknown 20:29
We are thrilled to get to talk to you guys about spider man into the spider verse the reactions. The response to this film have been incredible. We’re super proud of what does entire team was able to accomplish creatively with this project look that this was always about telling Miles Morales his story and giving audiences, a film that they can connect with that reflected the world that we all live in that felt true to life with a superhero that everybody can see themselves in you know we’re living in peak superhero world. We all know it.

Unknown 20:57
So when we started out, we thought if we’re going to do another Spider Man film. we had to figure out a way to make it feel fresh new and exciting. So, along with the movies directors, you know, we tried to figure out a way to do a never before seen visual style to tell this multi layered narrative and as Christine mentioned by diverse looks very different from any other CG animated or even to the movies, you’ve seen in the past decade, as you can tell right behind this. That’s because of the unique animation style. The new techniques that we use and made just for this movie there. We believe really strongly. The animation is a medium. It’s not a genre and it means we can tell all kinds of stories and all kinds of ways. That’s why we really wanted to experiment with the look of the movie and what we came up with was something that combined various techniques like taking CG and finishing those frames with hand drawn animation was really complicated and it took a lot of time. Normally, an animator can do about four seconds of animation in a week this movie and then we could do one second animation in a week. That’s insane. Yeah.

Unknown 21:56
Look, we had to teach a computer to do new things. We had to write all kinds of new software not personally. We’re not good at that.

Unknown 22:03
But in order to make this movie look like this. All of these smart people had to write all kinds of new shaders all kinds of new software recreate the pipeline and you can really feel a hand of the artists evoking emotion through every frame is like a painting or a piece of art and the human hand and can convey emotions in a way that a computer can’t right we wanted the audience to feel the tooth of the paper that the artists were drawing. We wanted this film to communicate directly with them the way an artist does when you look at a payment from binding the styles various different animation styles each character come from their own dimension has our own art style I was authentic to them is sort of a tribute to the artists and animators that created them and allowed individuality of each each character in each world so you know the film’s theme is anyone can wear the mask and that held true to the whole crew. We wanted people to try new things take risks no penalty for failing and, you know, because we needed to learn from one another we needed to, you know, we needed to try new things and and that was the only way we were going to create anything new. and it was a huge risk to take one of those two years. Most Valuable live action franchises and make an animated movie because some people still feel like animated movies or just for kids, but we really wanted to prove that animation is a hugely exciting area filmmaking for all audiences and we wanted to push the boundaries of what consumers. think about when they think about what animation is so we want to give a huge thanks to Tom Christine and Sony for taking a ridiculous risk on these two turkeys and we really appreciate their support for making the movie and allowing our team. The freedom and the tools that they needed to do this in such an innovative way and we’re gonna hand it back to Tom now.

Unknown 23:47
Thank you guys,

Unknown 23:57
Don’t be fooled by their unprepossessing nature there. Those are two genius and we feel incredibly lucky to be working with them at Sony and we’ve worked with them across a number of projects but this has was recognized by the Golden Gloves last night. This is really really special.

Unknown 24:19
So I thank you, Phil and Chris your success shows us exactly what pushing the boundaries can look like and and why we do it.

Unknown 24:32
So as we look to the future we will continue to explore new and innovative ways to create engaging and entertaining content and new ways to share it with their audiences on the lot in LA. We recently launched. Interestingly, a state of the art facility called innovation studios to do just that.

Unknown 24:56
Earlier this year, the team, they’re created a virtual set and I’ve been in the movie business for 30 years I’ve never seen this, they used it for shark tank which our TV group produces and looking at it the physical and the digital sets are nearly impossible to tell apart. It’s quite revolutionary and can have real profound effects for the future scan set store them digitally reuse them for future shoots all without the usual space and location limitations and we recently applied this same scanning technologies and sets in our current big budget men and black film which we shot in London for released this summer. So that’s just some of the future technology that awaits us all.

Unknown 25:45
But you can see how integrated it is into the content creation, we do every day and I want to thank you all for having me here today.

Unknown 25:55
It’s been a great fun. And now I get handed over to the really cool dudes at Sony, you know, the music guys are where it’s happening and it’s my pleasure to introduce you first a little video and then my esteemed colleague from Sony Pictures music from Sony Music Entertainment Mr. Rob string

Unknown 27:09
the following Spider Man.

Unknown 27:11
So, having been at the company since Sony embark together with us on their quest for unique joint vision with technology and content in 1989 long time ago I’ve seen countless examples of where our global roster of over 2000 artists and so Tony technology combined to create a really powerful partnership that can definitely excite the consumer. In recent years, we’ve joined presented the last music campaign where we’ve introduced the world of the Sony brand with some of our hottest brand new artists. For example, in 2017, the chain smokers have so far stream 25 billion tracks helped us introduce PlayStation VR headsets, so I thought I’d show you today a brief video montage of last music and other collaborative campaigns with some of our most hot new artists promote their music through the power of stony technology.

Unknown 29:11
for Sony right now

Unknown 29:16
if you can name all those artists. I will give you a pair of headphones. But one of the artists on that clip is a young man called colleague who has gone from being an unknown high school student in Texas to being in the top 10 streaming artists in the world in 2018 all promoting their music and the Sony brand.

Unknown 29:39
We’re also working together very recently now on 360 reality audio, which is the booth is right there, which I was in earlier today.

Unknown 29:48
This was announced today and we’re very excited to be partnering with 360 reality audio to elevate the listening experience for the consumer, the results audio wise and sonically are truly spectacular and we are now rolling out titles across our vast catalog.

Unknown 30:05
So, whether it be brand new audio innovation headphones cameras or gaming the technological associated with our music is organic synergistic and I consume as a clearly the same audience.

Unknown 30:18
The Sony Music Entertainment we fully believe in you see the sounds vision or connecting users and creators.

Unknown 30:25
So a few weeks ago we brought one of our most prestigious creators to Tokyo to see that vision that close hand in the home of the company.

Unknown 30:33
The purpose of his visit was to explore avenues a partnership between the Sony brand and the creator and former community of interest as you see the sound stated earlier, the results were pretty remarkable is that shared interest became clearly apparent, whether it be through Sony’s brand new innovative technology that has not even been introduced the world yet to audio visual processes that clearly enable the artists to communicate more effectively with their audience and even to the level of being on the more human humanistic and educational side of the Sony global vision which will automatically be of interest to the artists who want to make the world a better place.

Unknown 31:14
The Creator who visited Tokyo with me was for Al Williams and here’s a brief video presentation of our visit.

Unknown 31:48
So it’s super impressive I’m been talking about this for like five years trying to get people to understand like the value of this and it’s just I mean it would just be a crime. If you guys don’t end up knowing this has to happen.

Unknown 32:11
You’re right there. You’re in the studio.

Unknown 32:31
So rather than me talking from the record company for the view I thought it’d be good for our gave his own perspective on our groundbreaking visit. So please, would you welcome producer innovator educator entrepreneur sending us recording artists and true global cultural ambassador Mr. Fred Williams

Unknown 33:30
was on holiday in Anguilla and he’s coming in today and everything and I was a little bit worried at all. Just tell them where I am right good he was still not angry that but he’s here. So thank you for being here. That was a seminal trip so I thought it’d be good if you could share some of the wisdom from from our trip and how it’s related your overall vision. Well, first of all, thank you for your belief in supporting me and thank you everybody for having me here.

Unknown 33:58
But as an artist. Sorry.

Unknown 34:02
Rewind rewind rewind rewind rewind rewind. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Unknown 34:06
There we go. As an artist who creates music with the Sony Music family and also my delivery team, the very reason I was in Japan. I was very excited to be in Tokyo, because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world and mainly because I’ve been going there for like 20 years. And oftentimes, we’d always see pause it for a second, please, we would we would often see the Sony building we see the Sony name and and I always wanted to have more of a connection with the brand. So I just want to say that.

Unknown 34:47
And so finally when being able to go into the building, not just as an artist, but as a creator and as a guest. I didn’t expect to see the

Unknown 34:59
the incredible technology that we saw and have such a regulatory experience from beginning to end the connection between me as a creator and the technological innovations that Sony’s working on was super clear to me straight away, whether it be in the infinite field of audio visual experience or in the realms of social and educational policy that attracted my attention, not only as an artist and an innovator, but also as a global citizen. I did not know that the company that you know where we do music and of course we know the iconic Walkman who knew that they were thinking about things and people in Africa, you know, and issues and I don’t want to get in trouble by regulating much but it was just so mind blowing. I felt like I left every meeting going okay but you guys are putting this out right yeah like you’re not gonna make us wait like they’re making us wait for the IBO. I mean, can we make some more of those, please. Yes, we will. So I experimented with and discuss so many different concepts with the various Sony divisions and shared my own ideas for future share creations and what I will say is, when I was in there. What I could not believe is everything there is created based on them asking future questions. You know what is it going to be like anticipating what the next questions are going to be there four or five and six steps ahead. So I just couldn’t believe that I was literally walking around and all of these departments, looking at future solutions and answers.

Unknown 36:36
So it was a very special few days for us and I’m super excited to explore the endless past the endless possibilities that technology in this Sony technology can inspire and lead and create a connection between the user and the Creator. I’m so sorry I notice a mouthful but so much to say super impressive company to be with and you guys are going to see and I had the eyeball already yeah if you couldn’t get an Uber Christmas we managed to give up for all one which would have been a bit weird if we hadn’t actually but but he has his own IBO who I understand is in Anguilla you let an angry like stayed on the beach.

Unknown 37:13
Thank you very much for all for all you’re going to stick up in your second sir. We do believe that we we have we as the music company have to get closer to the artist, we have to be close to the creators and in turn, if we’re close to creators then Sony as a whole brand can be close to creators and we believe that the Sony brand with Sony Music can excite artists and consumers alike. And that’s our vision for our company. And as we move along in technology and all the various platforms. We want to get closer to the Sony brand that’s our vision. So I’d like to invite you. She sent back to the stage.

Unknown 38:44
we at Sony extremely Allah to work closely with visually creators like for our fail and Chris to help rear as their creativity and connect with audiences

Unknown 39:02
Sony security is used from content creation is the delivery of the craft in the highest possible quality to people across the globe.

Unknown 39:14
We partner with creators because we believe in their dreams to move people emotionally

Unknown 39:23
and without technology Sony’s also there to deliver the very best entertainment experience to fans and fill the world with emotions

Unknown 39:36
we are and we will continue to be a creative entertainment company built on the solid foundation of technology.

Unknown 39:51
I hope you enjoyed our presentation today.

Unknown 39:54
Once again, thank you for joining us this evening.

Unknown 39:58
Have a great CES, and the wonderful 2019.

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